It is best to try this practice outside, in nature, connecting yourself to the earth by sitting on the grass, the beach or even on rock. Place a bolster or cushion under you if you feel more comfortable doing so, and also make sure your ankles are supported by something soft as you will be sitting for a few minutes. I suggest reading through this first, then trying the practice as you follow along, and finally close down the eyes and try the practice without the notes. Remember – this is a guide only, you are the ultimate authority of your body and your spiritual practice, so find what fits best for you and trust in that.

Sit in your version of an easy seated position.

Close down the eyes, palms open either facing down or up on the knees, or in your favourite mudra.

Start to narrow your focus down to the breath, breathing deep breaths all the way down to the pit of the stomach until it expands; and then all the way out through the mouth or the nose until the belly softens.

On an inhale, align you spine by rising up out of the pelvis, extending all the way through to the crown; on your exhale connect to the Earth through your sit bones.

Breathe in this way for a few rounds of breath, try closing down the eyes.

Take the awareness now to the base of the spine, where the Root Chakra (Earth energy centre) is located. Just feel into this part of the body for a few more long, flowing, rounds of breath. Feel supported by the Earth beneath you.

On an inhale, imagine you are drawing the breath up through the Earth to the base of the spine, pause there, and then exhale to send the breath back down into the Earth. Repeat this 3 times.

On the next inhale, give the breath a quality of Earth either imagining the breath is red in colour, or adding substance to it (like grass or dirt). Breathe the breath up to the base of the spine, and this time as you breathe out, imagine your energy is connecting to and spreading out into the Earth beneath you. Repeat this 3 times.

Feel yourself starting to become immersed within the Earth, maintaining your focus on your breath and your awareness at the Root Chakra.

Breathe in drawing the breath up through the Earth, into the base of the spine and continue all the way to the Heart space, pausing there before exhaling to send it back down into the ground.

*Remember to keep giving the breath a quality of Earth by imagining it is red or adding substance like before.

Draw the next breath back up all the way to the Heart, and this time on your exhale send it up the remaining length of your spine, out through the crown of the head; pause, before inhaling to draw the Earth breath back down through the Crown, all the way to the Heart; pause, then exhale send the breath down the remaining length of the spine, all the way back into the Earth. Repeat 3 times.

Let the breath return back to its normal rhythm and flow, feeling nurtured, supported and connected to the Earth beneath you. Guide your hands to the heart centre and offer a prayer to Mother Earth, following is an example:

“I love and honour Mother Earth, giving her the respect she deserves. I admire her beauty, am grateful for her abundance and listen when she speaks to me. She offers me life freely… But if I take more than I give, disharmony will follow. I recognise this need within myself also, knowing that my physical body represents the element of Earth within me, and I vow to respect and honour my body always. I send love & light to Mother Earth, The Animal Kingdom & The Natural Environment and bow to her as I say NAMASTE”.

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