By using hair extensions, you can easily add significant length and thickness to your own hair; extensions can be clipped in, worn as part of weaves or pre-bonded extensions, and styled in a variety of different ways. Going for high quality hair extensions through companies such as Clip Hair can also mean you can be assured that the extensions you use are going to be able to stand up to a lot of styling. What, then, should you be looking at when you buy hair extensions?

The current popularity of hair extensions can be linked to gradual improvements in terms of the quality of different extensions; people that want to add length to their hair without having to worry about extensions looking fake can experiment with high quality clip in extensions made from real human hair. Salons are also able to provide easily bonded hair treatments that won’t cause burning or problems if you need to remove your hair extensions at a later date.

Clip In Extensions

One of the most popular examples of hair extensions are clip ins, which can be easily worn with your hair without having to visit the salon; these can be clipped in as side ponytails, as a way of creating extra inches for your hair’s length, and as braided headbands and other styles. You can depend on high quality clip in hair extensions to stay secure and add volume to your hair, with clip ins capable of being blended to your hair colour and texture.

More Permanent Hair Extensions

However, you can also go for more permanent hair extensions, which typically include pre-bonding or micro ring treatments; these extensions use keratin to naturally blend in with your hair, and can be put in without the need for a lot of heat, which can damage fragile hair. It’s important, though, to get a consultation with a salon before applying these kinds of extensions, which will save you any trouble with getting used to and styling different lengths of hair.

Hair Weaves

Another option that you might want to try with hair extensions is a weave, or weft; these are versatile extensions that can be sewn into your existing hair to boost its length and thickness. Weaves can allow people with short hair, or with hair that’s growing out, to enjoy more length without having to wait for hair to grow out. Compared to other forms of hair extensions, though, weaves can put a bit more strain on your scalp, so make sure you check out what options are available before committing to anything.

It’s worth, then, checking out the many different options available for hair extensions; you can match up your extensions to colour charts to get the right blend of tones, and can also experiment with the highest quality hair extensions if you want to create a natural look. When worn properly, hair extensions can boost your look and save you the hassle of having to grow out and keep very long hair under control.

Author Bio:  Laura McCarthy blogs about hair and fashion. She recommends using hair extensions from Clip Hair. She’s also interested in blogging about high street fashion and the latest makeup trends.

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