You can’t stand the thought of him. You can’t believe you were with him for that long. You don’t even want to talk about it anymore. It’s spring and you’re SO over him. You’re ready for change, you need something new. And nothing says new like a new hairstyle. You’ve combed through Pinterest and you’ve asked your friends but you’re still debating the pro’s and con’s of every style. Here are our top picks for fresh hairstyles for after a breakup and why to get it.

1. A New Fringe

Bangs can dramatically reshape your face and add a bold new dimension to your look. For the biggest change, try blunt straight-cut bangs that just graze your eyebrows. For a more sultry and versatile look, longer side-swept bangs are another way to go. Whatever your face shape, remember to keep the bangs grazing your eyebrows at their shortest length and to the bottom of your chin at their longest.


Nothing changes the shape of your face the way bangs can. You can get slightly longer pieces to frame your face and make it look thinner or you can bring attention to your eyes with eyebrow grazing styles. Long, side swept bangs can elongate your face. In addition, if you do’t have bangs now adding them can give you a lot of new hair styles to work with.

2. A New Color

If you have dark hair, go much lighter to honey brown or even red. If you have light locks, try brunette. Switching up your color will change the way your skin tone looks and will open up new opportunities for you to try new colors and new looks. If you’re really feeling daring, try last year’s ombre trend but with pops of bright colors. Reds, pinks, blues and purples can all add some freshness to an ombre coloring. Whether your hair is short or long, finding a way to bring some bright colors in are a youthful and fun way to show your liberation. Most colors are temporary so you can change your look up as often as you like.


He won’t recognize you easily with a totally new color. A new color for spring is very trendy and can change the way your skin tone looks. Go for something bold for a daring new look that will make him wish you were still his. A new color can also give you a lot of confidence that all those single bachelors out there will surely pick up on.

Fresh Hairstyles for After a Breakup

3. Get a perm

If your hair is naturally straight, this is a great time to try out semi-permanent waves. Most stylist can give you gorgeous beach waves or loose curls if you just ask. If you have curly hair, try a straightening procedure and wear your hair straight for a few months. Having new a new hair texture will let you experiment with new hair styles and add some sass to your style.


A different texture will make you more adventurous with your hair, something that will permeate into other aspects of your life as well. Soft waves on stick straight hair will make soften your personality and add femininity to your look while going totally straight will give you a more edgy vibe. Either way, it will highlight an aspect of your personality you might not have known was there before.

4. Try something new

If you want a new change but don’t feel that daring or have enough money to get a new do, something as simple as changing the part in your hair can feel dramatic. If you tend to part your hair on the right, moving it to the left can change the way you look in a more subtle way. The same goes for using hair accessories. Sometimes all it takes is a high ponytail or a new headband to bring freshness to your look.


Not having money sucks but feeling like you’re in a rut is even worse. Trying something new like wearing a headband, moving your part around or wearing braids for a while will help you to feel fresh. Remember, every little thing counts. You’re starting new and each little step is a step in the right direction.

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