What is a hardwood mat? Many people have asked this question at some point throughout their lives. A common answer is, “I don’t know, a mat made of hardwood?” Well, if you are asking this for the first time then this is the article for you. Chances are, given the niche market that hardwood mats and crane mats occupy, you aren’t a first-timer to the world of hardwood mats and you probably already know full well what a hardwood mat is. Even so, a veteran hardwood mat user is also likely to find something informative and helpful in the coming paragraphs.

So, to cut to the chase and get at the core of who DixieMat is and what their products are all about, we’re going to go through a quick hardwood mats 101 lesson. Our course this evening, which could also aptly be titled “crane mats 101,” is going to provide a general overview of what the hardwood mat craze is all about. So lets get started. First off, calling the all this business about hardwood mats a “craze” might be a little much, but for those who rely on hardwood mats and crane mats every day, it can be easy to get excited about them. So, what is a crane mat? Basically, it is a very simple, yet incredibly powerful and functional wood tool. Fully sawn hardwood is joined together using the toughest bolts available. These hardwood mats are built in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all varieties of terrain. This is critical because applications for hardwood mats in marshlands can be dramatically different and require a very different design than hardwood mats in oil fields. Once these hardwood mats are fully assembled, they can be shipped throughout the country and used in a wide range of different jobs. Next time, we’re going to branch out and spread our wings into the world of laminated mats and see what we can learn there.





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