Almost everyone that loves fashion dreams of that day when they can finally attend a live Paris Runway Show, but are these outfits that we glamorously see rocking the fashion runway really for regular people that just like shopping and always being in style?

Haute Couture distinguishes itself by its fantasy inspired designs, big dresses, incredible details on fabrics and the most elegant embellishes and textiles ever seen, so fine and gentle anyone is afraid to get close to them. These are tailor made designs, hand-made and its fabrication can last long hours because of the extreme attention needed in its detail and finishes. These gowns have a very specific public in mind while being constructed; they have high acquisitive power and always aim for exclusive pieces therefore bringing attention to only them while they wear these works of art.

Brilliant colors, as well as pastel shades, printed fabrics, black, white and beading were among the most dazzling elements on this Haute Couture Collection for Fall-Winter 2008-2009 popularized by Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab, Christian Dior, Valentino, and Chanel. Some designer’s shows are like a production straight out of Hollywood.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection evoked the exotic birds of paradise while his models wore feathers, boleros, and velvet as the role players for the show. Vivid pink and fuchsia tones combined with apple green were also highly featured, while black and brown completed the ensemble standing out a more sober look for the day and an overflow and adventurous outfit for special occasions and nights.

For a bit of contrast from the level of creativity that Gaultier’s fans adore, Lebanese designer Elie Saab presented an elegant and voluptuous classic collection. Palid and vivid colors, evolving around different shades of gray, pink and golden beige were accessorized with beautiful and complex beading, drapes and pleats.

John Galliano for Christian Dior called his collection “fresh couture – restrained and refined”. It was a more classic look than Saab’s in a more French-conservative chic kind of way. His template was full of big coats, wide belts, patents, tulle, lace and circle skirts in black, white and gray.

Alessandra Facchinetti had a difficult task on this show and she made it through with success, filling the shoes of the legendary designer Valentino in her debut for the Italian House. She brought a sweeter and refined look to the runway with chiffons, satin and organza silks, pearled beading and white voluminous coats accompanied by yellow, brown, gray and pink tones, brightly avoiding the bright red color always preferred by Valentino himself.

Embroideries, chiffon, and the famous tweed suits marched down the runway under Chanel’s name. It was more grown-up than the girly look seen last year, going back to its original roots of a classic chic woman. Three-dimensional fabrics in big cap sleeves, hemlines and fringes could be appreciated throughout the show.

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