Women are prone to various health issues during their entire life. So, it is important for them to understand these conditions, know their explanations and how to cope with them. It is necessary to understand the natural and medical treatments available, tests that can provide valuable information, herbs, vitamins and minerals that can be helpful and a plan of action for those who already understand their situation. Such a plan must address the woman’s health condition both at home and abroad. It is also important to embrace the limitations of each plan and remedy.

Women’s Health Problems

Besides health conditions that are common to both genders, women are usually affected by health issues that include but are not limited to breast cancer, pregnancy, fertility, weight control, menopause problems, fatigue, stress, irregular periods and fibroids. Since these conditions span a woman’s life time, they can only be addressed effectively through a proper lifestyle. The following tips are useful in managing various health problems:

Learning to Cope with Heart Disease

Women are very much prone to heart disease in the years after menopause. During this period, the risk of heart disease is three times higher than that of breast cancer. The best ways of avoiding heart disease include:

Check your blood pressure checked

-Get your cholesterol levels checked
-Stop smoking in case you are a smoker
-Lose weight if necessary
-Do more physical exercises
-Balance your diet
-Drink moderately
-Do not rely on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRP) for heart problems
-Manage stress

Fighting fatigue

Women sometimes suffer from unexplained tiredness, due to poor diet, stress, inadequate sleep, pregnancy or other lifestyle factors. It is therefore important to eliminate fatigue in order to carry on with normal tasks. Women can take the following measures to eliminate fatigue:

-Lose weight to increase energy
-Reduce stress
-Sleep well
-Engage in talking therapy
-Cut out caffeine
-Drink more water
-Drink less alcohol

Maintaining Health care While Abroad

While most health problems affecting women can be managed by maintaining the right lifestyle, it is often important to seek medical attention whenever a condition gets out of control. Women can benefit from existing medical services especially for conditions that require the help of a physician. In case you are travelling abroad, you can benefit from the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC Card) which is available free of charge. A new EHIC card would enable you to access medical services in Switzerland and countries that lie within the European Economic Area (EEA). This insurance scheme can be very helpful if:

You are studying abroad
You are not an EEA, Switzerland or UK national
You are working abroad but are self or UK employed

Women’s health issues call for extra attention in terms of lifestyle and caution. Therefore, it is advisable for every woman to be conversant with these conditions and how to cope with them. The best method to cope with such health difficulties is to adopt the right lifestyle and seek medical attention. For those traveling abroad, getting a new EHIC card would definitely waiver or lower medical bills. By being able to address health problems at home and abroad, women stand a better chance of living happy lives.

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