Tanning has become another method self-adornment and aesthetic expression. Whether headed to a friend’s party or even an interview we like to look and feel our very best. In that respect, tanning can restore lost confidence in one’s appearance and create interesting new appearance. Normally people may rely on traditional outdoors tanning or “sunbathing”, however, as many already know, excessive exposure to intense UV rays can bring about irreversible skin damage. Even when attempted over more gradual time damage can still occur. The same holds true with indoor tanning. This may prove to be a quicker process than repetitive and more direct sunbathing, however, it is still potentially dangerous if one isn’t prepped correctly. Unlike SPF found in regular suntan lotions, the ones created for indoor tanning a have limited SPF for greater UV exposure. This is to intensify the tan. While many reputable tanning lotions moisturize and protect the skin, you’re still placing you’re body directly under UV. For those who are confident in this approach there are steps they can take to help promote continued health. For those who are taken aback by this idea, a third, less risky option is available.

 Spray Tan

If you’ve tried sunbathing and indoor tanning, and realized it wasn’t an ideal fit, but still like the idea of a nice tan, then spray tan might be an option. According to dermatologist, Robin Ashinoff, “It’s certainly much better than going out or going to a tanning salon and getting exposed to UV light.” Bronzers and other wash off products make a suitable substitute for the pleasing aesthetic without the potential health risks. Products such as these are sold in several forms, and add a bronzed glow to the face, legs, and body. They are relatively simple to apply, and they all wash off with soap and water. This can be considered a similar approach to taking off makeup. Bronzers can really enhance your skin’s natural glow special occasion or a fun evening out. Unlike genuine tanning procedures, these products can be used daily. There are four main categories you can choose from if you’re looking to get away from the idea of actual tanning, bronzing powders, bronzing gels, spray bronzers, and stick bronzers.

Bronzing Powder

Bronzing powders can be applied anywhere on the face, nose and cheekbones included. There are different types that compliment your natural skin tone. Bronzing gels, although more difficult to apply, are also options for those who want a convincing tan. Spray bronzers is a quick and reliable method, it can applied on any surface space, and it leaves a luminous glow. Customers may find some of the best spray tan products, Norvel- Amber Sun, for example, to carry pleasing scents, a convincing tan, and its leniency on facial pores.   Stick bronzers have direct contact on the skin, and can glide right on for a convincing tan. They’re low maintenance and require little time to apply. You can apply a powder to keep the tan from rubbing off; this’ll keep up a luminous appearance throughout the day.

 Say NO to Skin Damage

These are some quick and easy alternatives to undergoing skin altering tanning sessions. Whether they are done naturally out under the sun or in a tanning booth, both methods can potentially bring about long term skin damage. Utilizing imitation tans are quicker, healthier, and require less long term upkeep.

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