One of my absolute favorite luxury brands is Hermes. The design and material of the Hermes bags somehow mix the perfect dose of fun during their stay classic and elegant. Hermes Birkin Bag can be one of the world’s most expensive accessories. If you’ve considered using a stock of $ 10.000, Hermes, apparently would be the best option for you. The Hermes Birkin is not just about the most sought after around the bag, and has been for a long time.

The cost of a Birkin bag covers a wide range, from $ 5300 and up to around $ 50,000 or more. In general, the price of a Birkin starts at $ 5,000, not including VAT, but can reach 5 – Prices of 6 digits sometimes, especially when the bag is made of exotic animal skins.

If you’re in the market to make this investment in a new Hermes bag, you should know that the size and material used in the stock affects the price. In fact, one of the more expensive versions of the Birkin bag is made of crocodile skin. It may take three to four crocodiles to make a Hermes bag. Moreover, the smaller of the scales on the skin, the price is higher than the bag. Birkins one of the most expensive sold in the last years was a special edition of black alligator bag with buckle and good luck with diamonds, which came at auction for $ 64, 800. The price is high enough to be smart!

The global economic recovery seems to take longer, but those who love Hermes still buying.

If the price of a basic version is also beyond your means, you can choose a single vintage look from private sellers or dealers. We know that Hermes will not sell to other retailers. And you can also find this element of couture with local shops. Usually, a second hand sold at least 50 percent of original price, however, note that parts of the investment classic Birkin hold their value quite well.

On the other hand, if your budget is small, but it is determined, a small replica of the bag can be your choice. You can find online about $ 200. But keep in mind that some of the most popular fashion magazines regularly exposed negative replicas of purchase, for example, support for terrorism. So if you follow this route, please proceed with caution.

Hermes was an increase in sales during the first quarter of 2009, a time when many retailers and brands was a major crisis time sales. It is a good reminder for all businesses that there are still markets out there that are spending money. In short, when people ask me is it worth buying a Hermes Kelly Bags now, I always answered in this way, “absolutely yes.”


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