If you’re a fan of the Hermes Birkin you have already noticed this news about Lady Gaga’s visit in Japan that she sends her love about Hermes White Birkin to Japanese fans. Lady Gaga was seen in the airport carrying a white Hermes Birkin inscribed with a message that “I love Hermes.” Victoria Beckham is another honest owner of Hermes handbags. It is said that she has more than 100 Hermes handbags, including Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly and other Hermes new and limited edition bags. This number seems incredible, but really surprising and admiring.

There are many interesting stories among famous persons and Hermes handbags. It seems that Hermes handbags are always linked with famous and charming persons, especially women. We can not tell exactly tell the relationship between Hermes handbags and famous persons, but we can analysis something about the reason why persons are so crazy about Hermes handbags.

Recently, the British fashion week was held in London. There are many beautiful clothes from all over the world. Common customers could not expect the extremely luxurious Hermes White Birkin bags because what they got will always be the waiting list as long as two years. In fact the sale agent does not want to show you their storage and just tell you they will inform you when they get the bag. Lady GAGA could paint graffiti as she likes and Mrs. Beckham could collect more than 800 Hermes bags in her house. But when you know that every Hermes White White Birkin bag needs a craftsman 3 months to complete.

But Hermes handbags are really easy to match clothes.Hermes Birkin handbags are so almighty that whatever Victoria wears, there is always a Hermes handbag can match what she is wearing. The highest rates of Hermes bags are White, black, red, orange and brown. And there is no denying that Hermes is always within the dreaming lists of women. Because of its astronomical price, special social identification and top craftsmanship, it becomes popular. Because of taking Hermes handbags, stars become more famous. And because of stars, Hermes is more popular. They prompt the popularity of each other.

Article source: Hermes Birkin Fashion

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