Hermes Legacy

It is said that every 38 seconds one Hermes silk scarf is sold in the world.

The French brand Hermes is dignified as the synonym of top grade silk scarf. Since in 1937 the first Hermes silk scarf came out in Paris, till now there had been more than 900 patterns of silk scarf from Hermes. Some classic patterns, after designers’ re-organization on colors, have been always welcomed and popular.

Persisting on a top grade quality and unique French relaxed style, mixed with fashion in it, this is the reason for Hermes to maintain its youth and glamour. For years, Hermes maintained its simple and natural style. However, it is the pursuit for the true personality and the eager for returning nature made Hermes never be old-fashioned. No wonder it is said that Hermes is not only a symbol for your identity and social status, but is also a fashion to make you never out of date.

Adhering to the motto of Hermes, the artists worked for Hermes had always offered the world people inspired designs which moved us and gave us big surprises and joys. The Hermes 2011 new style silk scarf, undoubtedly, bring a fresh breeze to us among the materialism time. So many amazing patterns and fantastic stories let us once again see Hermes is coming! It is needless to say the singular patterns, the glaring colors, the sustained high quality, just the stories on each silk scarf, giving free rein to modern ladies’ imagination.

One of the 2011 fashion silk scarf from Hermes, designed by Nathalie Vialars, interests me a lot for its marvelous mix on both tradition and modern.

The shapeless pompons on the silk scarf are very precious and highly representative. They are all knitted by hand. Can you imagine playing with the silk scarf even by throwing it, just like throwing a temari? What’s A TEMARI? Temari stems from ancient China and then became a traditional toy in Japan. It is closely associated with Japanese kimono since as the kimono was worn out, the rest silk from the kimono can be made the toy ball as the raw materials. It had been very popular among the noble and royal household in Japan.

By looking at the silk scarf, a picture of Japanese royal ladies, wearing kimono, revealing the snow-white arms, played the temari under sakura trees appearing in front of me. I can even hear their giggles. The unique mix of elegance and agility on the silk scarf also let me recall a movie beauty, Audrey Hepburn, an elegant woman famous in the whole world.

Similar things always make you have association for each other. Just like sakura, just like Audrey Hepburn, just like Hermes.

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