Hermes is a French couture house specializing in leather, and wear field ready, and various other accessories, perfumes on the whole being and luxury items. Hermes family from France in 1828, both were German. Hermes was created by Thierry Hermes in 1837, as a saddle shop located in a small area in Paris. The company has begun to grow internationally, but continues its uniqueness and French-oriented. The company was awarded the first prize in 1855 at an exhibition in Paris, Hermes medal first class of the Universal Exhibition 1867, with the help of his sons, the company became an empire of the elite.

Hermes is known for its handmade items, including handbags, luggage. Only a craftsman is allowed to work in a handbag at a time, rather than a production line where everything is done by machines. Due to the work of Hermes keeps working on their papers, a bag can take 16 to 24 hours to do, because they use a lot of rare, sometimes they can be exotic elements, such as expensive metals. Some items they buy for the stock are Florida Alligator, Buffalo, Pakistan, Australia Crocodile, Shark in Thailand, Malaysia Lizard, and oxen, deer, beef, goat and around the world.

If a Hermes bag is damaged and needs repair the landlord must go to an Hermes store that can be sent to a factory in Paris for repair. Hermes bags became popular through high profile clients including a bag called “the Kelly bag”, the name of Hermes Kelly Bags, who has made some appearances with her, and Constance bag. Constance Kelly bags and kept in great demand and has been known it was a one-year waiting list for these bags. After the economic crisis (recession) decrease in demand over and waiting lists were destroyed in the line of Hermes. 2008, prices shot down and lost earnings.

Another famous handbag line is Hermes Birkin, the Birkin was named after the popular actress Jane Birkin, who helped design the bag with the company’s president, Jean Louis, after complaining that the bag Kelly design was not useful for normal people in a day. Miss Birkin, has stopped carrying the bag of the same name, saying it contributed to his injuries.

The Birkin bag remains a popular topic in the line of Hermes, was also known for being the strongest element of the waiting list any other luxury item Hermes. The price of smaller Birkin, although up to ten thousand dollars, all the way up to one hundred thousand dollars. For different sizes, and other skins that can become more than a million dollars. The Birkin bag has even been shown on several television programs such as, will and grace, Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, and girlfriends. And many well known celebrities have also been observed with the Hermes Birkin Bag.


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