Hermes “New Springs” Scarf is the newest edition of the classic Hermes “Springs” scarf designed by Philippe Ledoux 1974, who is the grand uncle of the current designer Dimitri Rybaltchenko.(The family has been designing for Hermes for 3 generations)

In the fresh new interpretation of Spring Scarf, designer has abandoned the realistic techniques and added more sense of abstract via thick sketching lines and bright colors. Tensions are exuding from the whole picture to express an unexpected modern character. Through curves on different objects, wheels, pendulum springs, even the shape of the carriage, designer creates a fluctuating vision as unpredictable images in kaleidoscope.

The original scarf is more classic but the new version has exquisite details. Several tiny chariots in early 19th century are placed under metal springs hanging high above, which makes the bodywork as suspended seat. These chariots have a sharp top of several C-shaped springs. The circle in the center is surrounded by four bodyworks with sharp top and a C-shaped spring made up by a string of 5 spring laminations. Several wheels with 12 spokes are drawn on the four corners of the scarf to correspond with the chariots.

There is a big emblem with family mark on the center of the wheels. Beside the accuracy description on technical details of objects on the picture, the historic “Roman King Cabriolet” baby carrier on the center deserves special attentions, which was used to carry the princess of Napoleon I and Australian Mary Louis until he was 3. The carrier is convertible for outdoors and very light to be driven by two specially-trained goats running with speed of the pony. The goat carriage is pulled by a servant and it can be converted into a cradle when child falls asleep. The baby carrier is made by the best artisans at that time, which is covered with the ocean blue paint and drawn with bees. Inside the carriage lined with green silk. The gilt bronze ornaments on the carrier are curved as fine jewelries.

Measured at 36″ x 36″, Hermes “New Springs” Scarf is priced at $ 375.00 on Hermes online with the Reference No. 002576S04.

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