At times there are unique and different scents that are released under fragrance market. Some are inspired by people, places and things. It is opened the perfumer to capture the essence of its inspiration. One such perfume the attempts to do this is from famous French design house Hermes. This article will look at the perfume Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee. It will analyze it scent, products and a host of other things associated with is very popular fragrance.

This scent was the first for Jean-Claude Ellena in the Un Jardin series. It also proved to be one of the most popular. When translated from French the name means “A Garden in the Mediterranean”. The fragrance lives up to its name as you will feel as if you are in the middle of the Mediterranean in this nice beautiful flower garden. This is due to the wonderful citrusy, woody and floral scents that are all mixed together to create the fragrance.

When first applied, Un Jardin en Mediterranee w will start off with a burst of citrus. This is not too overwhelming and it is very nice and soft. There is also a shot of greenness that permeates the air along with the citrus scent. As a fragrance develops you get this nice spicy, soft woody scent that is remote scent of dry leaves. At the end what you have is a perfume that is very magical. All of this is accomplished with the notes such as white oleander, fig, red cedar, orange blossom and bergamot.

This is a perfect fragrance for the summertime. Its lushness and greenness will transport you to a nice Mediterranean island. The mixture of the ingredients are the perfect combination and you will be guaranteed complements if you wear it.

If you’re interested in purchasing Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee then you should visit the main website or check various online retailers. Many different high end department stores also carry this fragrance and the prices vary. The main stay of this collection is the Eau De Toilette Spray that is available in a variety of sizes. There is also the perfumed body lotion and the shower gel. The overall smell of the fragrance can be enhanced if all of these products are used together.

In closing, Un Jardin Mediterranee is a unique scent that is part perfume and part art. The overall feeling of the aroma is one that transports you to a nice floral garden in the middle of the Mediterranean. The fruit, green and woody tones all come together to create a mixture of trees, sea and flowers. This unisex scent is a must have for people who are not only a fan of the Hermes series, but also people who are looking for something different. This is a must have for people who take scents seriously and they will not be disappointed at all with the end result.

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