What is it that makes fashion something to marvel about? Well, this depends on the tastes and preferences of an individual. This is pegged on the premise that different people have different body shapes as well as color. These are two imperative considerations when it comes to designing the perfect fit for one’s body type. Different designers are successful in the line of their work based on their expertise. For instance Designer Wendy Nichol is a high market designer keen on creating couture bags. She is also a clothing and jewelry designer based in the busy New York City. She delivers items that are unique and simply different.

People who are keen on what they wear and how they wear are always keen on their image. This is one way of making impressive fashion statements. It gives one the confidence required to face people. For the above reason, individuals always want to feel great about their wear.

What makes a Wendy Nichol bags unique is a number of reasons that vary; this design house is keen to use only the right amount of color, enough of material required and goes way out to experiment on new trends.

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A fashionist’s as nightmare

A fashionist is a person who is keen on following fashion; they are also enthusiastic about fashion and are keen to know what trends are the best. When it comes to lades fashion, a lot of design houses have always been there from time to time, with perennial fashion stores being there in Paris, France, Milan and other parts of Italy, Spain and other high end areas of the world. It is impossible to keep up to date when it comes to fashion, trends can change overnight. Fashionistas are also enthusiastic followers of socialites; these socialites act as deciders of what is current trendy and what is not. Those that have an addiction to fashion may find it hard to keep up with the ever changing fashion designs.

Fashion as a business

Even though a lot of fabric designers are present in the world, a lot of people fail in the multi-billion dollar fashion industry, as per the spending habits of consumers, fashion is a big business and the players are heavily compensated. In this cut throat competition business, many designers would kill to have some of their items on the runways of New York, Paris and even Tokyo. One also has to understand that out of the high number of fashion items that are created, only few items get to be displayed; this makes individual designers to work a lot harder than usual to ensure that their designs get picked.

  •  License: Creative Commons image source
  •  License: Creative Commons image source

Tiina is a high profile stylist and she loves Wendy Nichol bags.

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