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By: Kymmie Krieger

Ladylike XO is quickly shaping up to be the next big blog for stylistas and fashion gurus across the globe. @ladylikexoxo is a new style blog that is rapidly trending on Instagram, with stunning fashion shoot photos already leaking out to the public on Facebook. This LA-based style blog will feature unique Los Angeles based companies such as Brick Brick, LaBela Bags, and Naty BK, as well as their very own clothing line, Ladylike XO, just to name a few. Ladylike XO’s lavishly full line is described by their expert designers as the perfect mix of “girlie sexy” without crossing the boundaries of sleazy.

Ladylike XO has been designed with the consumer fashionista in mind. Based on the concept of introducing everyday styles that are closer to the mid-twenty-something budget, Ladylike XO understands that not everyone can afford the high-end and thus high-priced clothes often featured by their favorite bloggers, such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and so on. The Ladylike XO blog is dedicated to mixing high-end brands such as Tom Ford and vintage Chanel with affordable brands such as Forever 21 and H&M. Stylist and expert blogger Talia Weldon wishes to inspire her readers’ next outfit choices based on fashion design and advice from her own personal wardrobe.

Ladylike XO trumps other fashion blogs with their ability to recognize and understand the difference between fashion and style. While most other fashion blogs focus solely on outrageous trends coming from half a world away, typically proving impractical and far beyond the budget of an everyday reader, Ladylike XO presents style over fashion, capturing unique ideas through eye-catching photos which can be replicated by their target audience. Talia Weldon, co-founder of Ladylike XO, says, “We are focused on sharing a more sophisticated style that embraces femininity and the overall beauty of women with our readers. Our line is 100% ladylike inspiration coupled with the styling trends of today.”

Pegged as the hottest style blog to hit the market in 2015, Ladylike XO is set to launch on February 1st. The site will prove to be the “go-to” blog for designers, consumers, and top-rated branding experts hoping to gain high exposure to their target audiences. With hype already building on social media feeds across the country, Ladylike XO is excited to debut their blog to the public and bring style to women everywhere. So, for those seeking top-of-the-line styles that keep women looking smart, sophisticated, chic, and feminine, Ladylike XO is sure to be the most highly anticipated, “not-to-be-missed” style blog of 2015.

About Ladylike XO

Ladylike XO is a sophisticated, LA-based style blog and clothing line developed by Talia Weldon and Tina Wellington in early 2015. Weldon brings fashion to the everyday consumer through her vast array of style-filled posts, while Wellington is credited for creating the entire Ladylike XO clothing line. Ladylike XO focuses on the need for middle-ground fashion, helping to steer clear of overly trendy fashion elements which typically flood the market. Ladylike XO takes the perfect mix of fashion and adds a personal touch of style that is lasting and affordable.

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