Since the dawn of time – almost literally – women have enjoyed wearing jewelry. From the time when prehistoric men and women strung attractive stones onto vines right up to present day, women have understood that there’s nothing like attractive pieces of jewelry to add panache to any outfit.

Men also have adorned themselves with jewelry throughout history. However, for the majority of the 20th century, men shied away from most jewelry. The likely reason is that jewelry fell out of fashion for men, particularly during the Victorian era and thereafter, when more conservative styles gained popularity. Later, in the freewheeling 1960s and 1970s, men started wearing more jewelry. However, when somewhat more conservative styles returned to the men’s fashion scene a few years later, jewelry once again became scarce.

Although the popularity of men’s jewelry has fluctuated greatly over time, it has remained a constant in the men’s fashion world in recent years. In fact, today men’s jewelry is considered one of the hottest accessories a man can wear. Thanks, in part, to male celebrities of all ages openly wearing it and also to the emphasis on individuality in fashion, men’s jewelry has come full circle. Contemporary men enjoy wearing jewelry as either a means of self-expression or simply because they like how it polishes their overall look and style.

Men’s pendants, in particular, are seen more and more on men of all ages and from every walk of life. If your man is interested in adding a little attitude to his style, men’s pendants are a great way of doing just that for several reasons.

  • Pendants are a contemporary choice in men’s jewelry: Although men have worn pendants from time to time throughout history, they’re not among the traditional choices that men have had in jewelry over the past few decades. Even in the 1960s and 1970s, when men’s jewelry was a bit more common among younger guys, pendants weren’t nearly as common as necklaces like gold chains. It’s only recently that men’s pendants have become a popular jewelry accessory, which means that when your man wears an attractive pendant, he’s expressing the fact that he understands and embraces modern men’s fashions.
  • Pendants make an obvious statement: Not only are men’s pendants a trendy, contemporary jewelry choice, but they’re also very obvious. This makes this style of necklace a relatively bold jewelry choice for men. It’s hard to miss a men’s pendant that’s prominently worn on the outside of his shirt. If your guy is comfortable wearing such an obvious piece of jewelry – just as so many current male celebrities are – it’s an indication that your man is confident about his masculinity and entirely comfortable with who he is as an individual.
  • Pendants come in a variety of masculine styles: From smaller, more subtle designs to strikingly bold motifs, men’s pendants have an undeniably masculine appearance. One of the most popular styles is the iconic dog tag shape, such as a sleek and simply designed dog tag pendant made of durable tungsten carbide. Two other extremely popular styles of men’s pendants are cross shapes and tribal designs. If your guy wants to add a slightly more edgy feel to his attire, suggest a combination of these two styles, such as a black stainless steel cross with a tribal flair. Animal shapes are also quite popular in men’s jewelry, especially featuring tougher creatures like wolves or snakes.

If the man in your life is interested in adding a little attitude to his attire, men’s pendants are an excellent way to do it. When you’re in the market for a pendant for your guy, make sure you understand his taste and style before making your selection. Better yet, ask him to join you in your shopping so you can be certain you’ll choose a pendant that he’ll truly enjoy wearing.

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