The only thing that Jenna knew about yoga was that you need a mat. So, when she and a friend decided to take a yoga class, they knew that they would have to buy an Ashtanga yoga mat. She didn’t know where to go to get one but she did know one thing and that was that she didn’t want to pay a lot of money for it. So, where can you go to buy an Ashtanga yoga mat and can you get one without spending a fortune?

– You will find that you can buy yoga mats in a variety of colors. Where you buy them can be the hard thing. Some people like to shop for them in discount superstores, though you won’t have a few options. In fact, you might find that they only have two or three colors of the same type of “sticky mat” that you have seen everywhere else. If you are looking for something more than this, then you should go online.

– People who have been doing yoga for a while know that only a few years ago the only place you could buy a mat was in a yoga studio. You can still buy them there, but also at some sporting goods stores, health food stores, and other stores that sell items for people who are interested in organic foods or holistic health.

– The best variety of yoga mats, clothes, bags, and information on yoga is to be found online. You don’t have to go far to find websites that are dedicated to yoga, and you will find information on what kind of class you should take, where to take it, and how to practice yoga at home.

– When you purchase any Ashtanga yoga mat, you should buy one of the right thickness for you, and also the right size. If you are larger than the average person, then you might want a larger mat, and if you need a little more cushioning, then buy one that is thicker.

Jenna found a great mat by shopping online and was in her first yoga class in a very short time. She found out that in one way it was a lot harder than she thought it would be, but also that she really enjoyed it. Now she is taking yoga all the time and enjoying it with her new mat.

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