The latest tendencies in fashion have revealed a traditional and romantic line supported by the supremacy of dark nuances and numerous color blocking experiments. Fashion trends have not evolved too much since the past year, but the small differences are obvious. The good news is that you do not have to invest too much in a new wardrobe in order to stand up in the crowd. As long as you can assort your clothes with the proper accessories, you can count on a good final result.
Black keeps getting off with the trends

A lot of fashion designers claim that black is ageless and they are actually right. However, the secret stays in the color combinations you make. So far, gray and white seem to be the most appropriate ideas, but only if you maintain the right proportions. A metalized nuance of gray is even more trendy, especially for an elegant event. In the end, make sure that black is dominating, otherwise the entire look will be compromised.

Aside from apparel, the same rule applies to shoes and boots too. Metallic and dark colors will dominate the trends.

Weaving and knitting creations

This trend began regaining its popularity during 2010. It was immediately adopted by chill ladies who simply cannot stand the cold weather. The primary idea behind this new tendency is to find huge sweaters that can also be taken for jackets. They are specifically created for this purpose, so do not just get a higher size. They can fit to your silhouette and shoulders, but they will almost reach to your knees too.

These models are usually combined with a belt, only for the silhouette to be clearly defined. The more courageous ladies may opt for large collars. Fortunately, you can find such creations in any color. Since they are mostly associated with the ’90s, you are free to pick any nuance you like.

Going back to the ’20s

Long forgotten materials are slowly going back in trends. For instance, silk and velvet represent two of the most popular materials used in the ’20s. You do not have to entirely dress in velvet to draw some attention. You may get whole pieces – like tight pants and crayon skirts – or particular elements. For instance, a silk collar covering your cleavage might bring in a sense of mystery, which is great for an elegant event.

Leather and fur

Fur coats represent some of the decisive elements of any winter season. They will always shine in gray or black nuances, but especially when assorted with a few leather clothes. Such combinations can be very trendy, but just as risky. If you choose to show up with such an outfit, make sure the fur is nothing but an external accessory, such as a coat. Therefore, leather should be dominant.

On the other hand, if you truly want to stand up in a crowd, some tight leather jeans and a similar jacket might represent an excellent combination. The best colors for leather include brown, black and red.

Baroque and luxury

Some designers have definitely presented an affinity to the baroque style. Therefore, the cold season is rich in its golden, metallic and shiny nuances. Aside from the clear colors, such clothes must also come with an extra elegance, some royal lace and shinning accessories.

Although lace underlines an old fashioned silhouette, it may be used in different shapes and adopted to the modern times. A simple and fizzy lace may always be replaced with a multicolor option or an imprint. However, the rigid models seem to dominate the stage, so the colors you should stick to include black and dark green.

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Devin is a fashion enthusiast with tons of experience in this industry. He has spent the past years observing the latest fashion trend, but also analyzing the way celebrities use these tendencies to make a good impression wherever they show up.

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