Fashion is all about creativity and expressing yourself. It is a tool through which you can form your identity and take pride in how fashion defines your life. Each person is free to wear what they like and create new designs, but there are still a few basics that should be followed if you want to stay out of the worst dressed lists.

• Stick To A Few Colors Only

For starters, sticking to a maximum of three colors is key. People love to experiment with color, which is great, but it can easily become too much. Avoid a fashion disaster by sticking to a single or few colors that complement each other.

The same applies to patterns and fabrics. Instead of having a multitude of various patterns and fabrics in your outfits, it’s better to stick to a single theme rather than muffling their individual beauty in a stampede of patterns. Choose a lovely plaid or herringbone design and stick to that. Knowing which fabric is generally for what occasion and season will help you choose more wisely.

Tip: Keep a stain stick handy and before every wash, inspect your clothes. Many times we don’t realize when our clothes are stained and the worst fashion mistake you can make is wearing clothes that have stains or marks on them.

• Pay Attention To Pants

Most people pay a lot of attention to the fabric or brand of their pants but very few actually give length its due attention. Pants that are too long or too short do nothing for your look, and certain basics should be followed when choosing them. When standing, dress pants should come just to the top of your shoe heel, while jeans can be a little lower. Socks should not be seen when walking and only a few inches should be visible when sitting. By following these simple rules you can ensure that you have the perfect length pant.

The same goes for T-shirts. They should ideally end midway down your fly; anything longer will be too long and anything shorter will mean showing skin when you bend. Look for brands that fit your body type.

• Go Wrinkle-Free

You MUST own an iron and ironing board. You can be wearing the most gorgeous outfit but if it isn’t ironed properly, it will lose all its charm. It really doesn’t take too much time, and if you don’t have iron (or are feeling really lazy) you can even use a blow dryer and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.

Follow these simple rules and you should have no problem at all. You can express yourself through your fashion sense as much as you want but be sure to have a long hard look in the mirror before you step out to make sure that you are dressed according to your body type and look fashionable.

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