Pregnancy is certainly a great time for both you and your husband. It is the start of a new phase of your lives which will be demanding but incredibly rewarding. One aspect that most women struggle with, especially in the last trimester, is how to still maintain an attractive appearance despite the baby bump. Fortunately, fashion has come a long way over the years and stores are offering plenty of options for the expecting mother. There are also a few techniques that you can use to enhance your image no matter how pregnant you are.

Shop for New Underwear

Every woman knows that a good bra will flatter the figure immensely. During the pregnancy, however, your cup size will increase quite a bit. This means that you should go shopping for special maternity bras to cater to the added weight and size. You can even find specially designed maternity panties that accommodate your changed body shape to keep you comfortable all the time. Feeling good with your underwear will then promote a better look on the outside too.

Go Out and Buy Something Special!

Never ever simply wear your husband’s clothing just because his shirts are bigger. As a woman, you owe it to yourself to form your own unique look while out and about. Here are a few tips and techniques for the expecting mother to stay stylish throughout the pregnancy:

  • Purchase clothing that is tight, yet comfortable. Form-fitting shirts will accentuate your figure and will actually make you look slimmer. If this seems paradoxical, think about how you look with loose-fitting, baggy clothes. Your body will seem larger, right? So find some comfortable, snug items and enjoy a better look no matter where you are.
  • Look for special pregnancy-themed t-shirts and jackets. Just like the stylish baby store, My1stYears, sells designer outfits for infants, so too can you find websites that offer clothing made for the expecting mother. Everything from how the cut hugs the belly to fun slogans that make your pregnancy more enjoyable can be found with the right patience when shopping.
  • Put the high heels away and buy some stylish flats. With the extra weight, walking around in your regular shoes is a recipe for disaster. To avoid swollen feet or sprained ankles, go and buy a few pairs of designer flat-soled shoes instead. From sandals to boots, there is plenty on offer, giving you the chance to create a look that is uniquely you even when pregnant.

A Little Something Extra

You should also keep your nails and hair in mind. After all, creating the complete look will require a manicure, pedicure or haircut as well. While you might be off your feet planning for the new baby, take some time to book an appointment at your local salon. Not only is this a great way to relax and unwind, but it will also enhance your look, giving you more confidence to go out and about as an expecting mother.

The above methods will combine to make you a super trendy fashionista at all stages of your pregnancy. From when the bump is just showing to when you are almost about to give birth, you will have the right clothes and shoes to keep yourself looking fabulous at home, the office or out around town. All that you need is to give yourself time to go shopping for the right maternity outfits. Putting some time aside for a visit to the salon will also be recommended. After this, you can go out with confidence that you look amazing with your clothes and baby bump.

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My1styears is an online company that provides unique, interesting, and competitively priced gifts for babies and toddlers.


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