The silver tends to lose its brightness and color over time mostly because of the natural oxidation process. Therefore, you have to take special care of your jewelry and maintain it appropriately. When some pieces get too worn and they no longer look like in their first days, a lot of people choose to hire a good quality service in order to clean them. However, a few bother to actually inquire about these processes and determine how to maintain the silver jewelry. There are several techniques each professional relies on and the interesting part is that you can adopt them at home too, without too much effort.


There are a few factors that can stimulate the oxidation process, such as the climate. If you live in an area with a high humidity, the process will be a lot faster. Overall, it is a lot better to prevent than to repair and this unwritten rule applies to silver jewelry too. The constant usage might be just as harmful, but fortunate enough, you do not have to stick to special occasions only if you know how to take care of your items. Aside from the high humidity, the hot weather is just as harmful, especially if you sweat a lot. From this point of view, the silver chains or bracelets tend to lose their color faster than earrings or breast pins.

General maintenance rules

Just like any other metal, the silver is supposed to be stored in a closed box. If other metals can resist the test of time for longer periods of time, the silver is more sensitive. Ideally, the air contact should be null, but this is less likely to happen when you wear your jewelry. The inside of the box is not relevant at all, even if most jewelry cases come with velvet upholstery or other similar materials.

Before storing your pieces, it is essential to clean them appropriately. You do not need any special solutions or chemicals, but just a clean cloth. Make sure you eliminate all the impurities or sweat, whether you think about a necklace or a set of earrings. These procedures must be performed after each wear.

Professional cleaning tips

A lot of jewelry lovers – especially women – can barely control themselves in a jewelry store. Compared to other metals, the silver is quite affordable, regardless of what you plan to purchase. The fact that it oxidizes fast is one of the reasons. For this cause, plenty of people would rather purchase a new item than trying to restore their old ones. If the education is a major concern, you probably have no clue that most services can restore the jewelry within minutes only and without any special or harmful techniques.

The toothpaste is one of the primary solutions in maintenance. Using your toothbrush is not very hygienic, so purchase a different one to be used exclusively for this purpose. Clean the jewelry just like you clean your teeth, then wash everything with some warm water and let it dry. Do not store the pieces without being completely dried, otherwise, you will actually rush the oxidation process.

Some other services rely on aluminum. You need a bowl, an aluminum foil, mineral water, salt and a little dish washing solution. Combine the ingredients in the bowl, but only after you cover it with the aluminum foil. Let the silver jewelry sit in there for a few minutes, then you may wash the pieces and let them dry. The process is simple and can be done at home, without using any harmful substances or sophisticated procedures.

Finally, stay away from the wooden cases. Although they are extremely popular for their stylish and elegant appearance, the wood is sometimes very acidic and will harm the silver with a 925 concentration or higher.

A few other similar techniques may include:

  • Storing the silver jewelry in a bowl with water and potatoes for a few minutes, as the liquid will extract the silver oxide.
  • Using a bowl with warm water and a cup of the dish washing solution to eliminate the fingerprints and makeup marks.

Author’s bio

Devin is a silver jewelry store distributor. Aside from the commercial tasks, he is also responsible for maintenance ideas, professional cleaning procedures, but also advice and tips regarding shopping procedures. His ideas on cleaning the silver jewelry reveal some of the most common technologies used by services around the world.

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