Your wedding day is known as the biggest day of your life because it is the day that you marry the person that you love. Women all over the world want to look their best on their wedding day and makeup plays an important part of looking your best. You are able to get your makeup needs at places like Crown Brush.

There are also ways that you can maintain the look throughout the day.

You need first get your face makeup ready which means you should start to take care of your face by drinking lots of water and staying out of the sun.

You also need to start using lip balms or moisturizer on your lips because colour fades on lips that are dry also get into a regular face routine that works for your skin so that it is not oily.

The months before your actual wedding are when you should start to experiment with makeup and find ones that are suitable for you complexion. When you have settled on the makeup that you can use on your face.


Before you put makeup on you should moisturise at least 20 minutes before. Concealer must be put under your eyes and if you think you will cry on your big day then a concealer that is oiled based is best. If your foundation wears away easily then try the formula with a little oil. Face powder can be used to finish off your look.


A powder based blush will last longer than a cream blush. You can also try a check stain but you will need to blend quickly with these because once they have set it will stay.


In order to keep your eye makeup in place especially if you cry then you are able to prep your eyelids with some face powder or and eye shadow base. Waterproof mascara is your best friend. Allow each coat to dry though before applying another.


You need colour to last on your lips so that you are not retouching the entire time. You need to moisturise your lips at least an hour before applying colour or you can skip it. You can use a little foundation on your lips to prep them. Outline your lips with the lip liner and then fill for extra colour. You should apply your lipstick with a brush. First apply one layer then blot then apply again.

A lip stain lasts longer and is great if you want to have a bright colour. If you are going down the lip stain route then motorise your lips days before the wedding. Apply the stain directly to your lips but you will not need to apply foundation or lip liner when you use the lip stain.

An important item that no bride should be without is makeup remover just in case there are mistakes or smudging.

If you get your makeup done professionally they will help you to keep your look fresh and perfect all day.

Author Bio: Mary Haven is a trainee makeup artist from Essex. She recommends Crown Brush for quality, affordable makeup brushes. She can usually be found attending lectures or watching college demonstrations.

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