And here the winter season is knocking on the doors once again. Some people might think that looking fab in winters is much easier but I suggest it is the toughest challenge because in contrast to the minimalist clothing approach you have to go with much covering & holistic approach where you should focus on style, color and matching. Moreover winter dressing is not something that is one fit for all. You have to try out different things to observe that which dressing works for you. However there are some must have for all the women that will make them look prettier.

Let’s check out what are the secret dressing essentials for winters that will make you look gorgeous.

Chic Coat

Gone the days when wearing parka or anorak makes one look beautiful. Though some celebrities do try out these outerwears from time to time but they have combination of other matching branded clothing stuff with Parkas that makes them look stunning. However due to the wider options in women coats today, these celebs also prefer new and updated coats over the traditional style.

Fur coat, duffle coat, Pea coat and trench coats are highly graceful & preferable coats for any women today. From this you can anticipate that future relates to high length stylish & glamorous coats. Black, grey, brown navy blue and camel colors are the ideal colors for any women; however for Dec-Jan wearing red color chic coat can mingle with the Christmas backdrops.

Fur Heel, Kitty heel or UGG Boots

It’s time to say good bye to wedges, flats, stilettos and platform heels that you used throughout the year. Now it’s time to wear something more unique and classy shoe that you overlooked during whole summers. Fur heels and kitty heels are defiantly the best heel that can work with jeans as well as with long winter skirts. On the other hand UGG boots are having their own class.

Bright Pants

Usually dark colors are preferred for the cold weathers, however bright pants wearing bright pants with dark colors uppers can add great flavor. Bright pants are all over the runways and in the streets. These lively colors can revive your winter outlook and can make you stand out of the crowd.


Beret is one of the most famous women fashion accessories for the winters. Just remind your mind that how many celebs and fashion models you seen wearing stylish beret. The great thing with beret is that it goes with any dress you wear, it requires less effort with your hairstyle, and it is very light therefore easy to carry. Beret is a perfect winter fit for every woman.


Just like the beret, scarf is yet another prominent accessory for the winters dressing. This small piece of cloth can be worn with more than ten different styles. Multi color scarf matching or contrasting with your dress color can give you chic look in this winter.

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