As well as such extensive pampering, it is also clear that Kardashian has to put in a great degree of hard work and make a number of sacrifices to maintain her money making looks. The 31 year old is tee-total and never drinks, the closest she comes to alcohol is during her aforementioned tequila body scrubs, and works out daily to keep her weight at 8 and a half stone; she is so dedicated to her exercise routine that she will not break this even whilst she is in holiday and, therefore, is just as likely to be snapped by paparazzi headed to the gym in a pair of leggings as she is on the red carpets or on a modelling assignment. As such, the five foot two inch star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ curvaceous UK size 10 body is the envy of women the world over due to the hard work she puts in at the gym every day; celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson states that Kardashian is an “incredibly hard worker” who is often at the gym by six in the morning. Kardashian also limits what she eats and has removed gluten, dairy and sugar completely from her diet.

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