Kim’s daily trips to the gym are usually accompanied by a daily trek to receive either a skin and nail treatment or a massage, each costing around £100 per time. Her regime also include a weekly appointment to fix any stray lashes she may have from her permanent eyelashes extension as well as a bi-weekly mud wrap to keep her skin blemish free. The sometime actress/musician/designer tops off her look with attention to her silky hair; the brunette uses £500 sessions from the celeb stylist Philip Wolff to keep her hair in the best possible condition. Whilst it is clear that Kardashian has an envious life of round the clock pampering, it is also true that she works exceptionally hard to maintain her looks – the combination of extensive treatments and extensive hard work are what gives Kardashian the looks which have made her career.

Kieron casey is a fashion writer and celebrity enthusiast who writes for a number of sites including Love Your Shoes footwear retailer.

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