Most of the well-known luxurious companies, name brands or products are working hard to be the best they can be. They have to maintain their product and always enhance their products so that they can get the customers to buy their products continually and continue their business as well. They pay so much for their advertising so that their product will be well known to the people.

Then comes along another company or business trying to emulate or copycat the products and sale it at a cheaper price. This is not good business practice at all but it exists in our time. They try to ruin somebody’s business and to think that these name brand companies are the ones working so hard to make their product useful and quality. Competition is good, but other people copying or emulating the products that theses other companies and business have made is not good business practice.

How would you eliminate this from happening to you or to your company? As we all know many imitation and competition exist in our days and it is important that we protect our products from those imitations that exist in our times. All those companies that have luxury name brand need to conduct safety measure to protect and secure their product from being ruin and devastated by other people that want to destroy the brand equity of a company or of a product.

One way is by copyrighting your product as soon as possible. This is what many of the larger companies do to try and stop others from duplicating their products and keeping their luxurious brand equity products protected. Especially that we have online purchases or shopping that we have available today. Some of the safety measures to secure and protect brand and product is you need to get a patent, trademarks and channel inter-relations are also helpful. This will help in preventing from imitation and competitors attacking you. You can go after them if your product is patented and has trademarks.

Also we need to let the customers or people know and that they have to buy or purchase the product directly from the company or else they can’t have the quality or the original product or brand they are looking for. Warning them that there are many scams and imitation out there that look like the same brand name or product and usually at cheaper price, but they cannot get the same quality as the original product. Most of the original products have the brand equity, the quality of a product that imitation can’t have.

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