Hey, more spyware! Yes, it’s Block Defense, also known as BlockDefense, terrorizing the interwebs like its brothers Winifighter and Winishield. These programs have the same aesthetics, and they all will gladly infect your system and attempt to steal your credit card information. Get rid of these infections before they do you irreparable damage!

How Did I Get Block Defense on My Computer?

Rogue Spyware like this infects your computer through a security hole in a website, a corrupt file download, or corrupt file transfer. Do you visit questionable websites? A video codec can be corrupt as well. Do you use P2P software? That Mp3 you downloaded may have been a planned out attack by a hacker. The internet can be a scary place if you’re not protected. You should always use great caution and a scanner when you download any file.

How Do I Know I Have BlockDefense?

The most basic sign of an infection of this kind is a change in your computer’s performance. Are your programs taking longer to load? Is your internet browsing slow? Is your system freezing and crashing? Are there loads of pop-ups and taskbar warnings? These are all signs of a viral infection. What’s going on underneath the ‘hood’ can be much more dangerous. You could have keyloggers recording everything you type, and you could have security holes waiting to be breached by identity thieves and hackers, looking to steal your files and personal info.

How Do I Remove Block Defense?

If you are IT savvy you could first attempt a manual removal. The problem I have with manual removal, is that it will take you much longer and is much riskier than automatic removal. You will also not be protected against the next similar virus if you were infected this time. If you are still interested in manual removal, you will need to disable all related blockdefense processes, all related registry files located in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER or CURRENT_HKEY_USER folders, block all related websites, and delete all associated program files. If you miss anything, the virus can re-install itself at the next boot-up, or worse, if you delete the wrong files in your registry, you could render your system unbootable!

That’s Why I Choose Automatic Removal.

The dangers of manual removal far outweigh the effectiveness and time-saving of automatic removal tools. I do this for a living, and I use automatic tools when I work with a client. It’s too risky not too, and it takes hours instead of minutes.

Are you tired of worrying about the safety of your computer and of your personal files? Don’t become a victim of identity theft or credit card theft! Remove Block Defense now by using either Spyware Doctor by PCTools or Anti Virus PLUS by Paretologic. You can scan your system in the next 5 minutes with either one of these tools and find out exactly what dangerous bugs are hiding in your system folders.

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