Life isn’t always fun and games. We all go through difficult situations where we want to feel confident. Interviews, presentations, and even scary situations like court dates are things that everyday people encounter, and they’re stressful enough without worrying about whether you look put together. One key to maintaining your confidence is having a style that you know works with your life and tastes, and sticking with the go-to accessories that you know you can depend on to look good. 

The first step to having confidence in stressful situations is to stick to your basic style. If you have a breezy, California look, and a wardrobe full of flowing skirts, simple tops, and sexy sandals, don’t try to do a 180 and go into a stressful situation looking like Joan Collins from her Dynasty days. While there may be certain dress code rules you have to adhere to, you do not have to abandon your basic style ethic to succeed in a stressful event.

The fit of your clothes is also extremely important. If you’re always adjusting sleeves or shoulders, or if your waistband pinches, you will not be comfortable, and you’ll be preoccupied with something other than the task at hand.

Having a few classics in your wardrobe – no matter what your basic style – is wise. For example, everyone can find a pair of black leather boots that will work well with their style. The same is true of perfectly fitting jeans and chinos. Skirts that are the right length and that fit at the waist are very handy to have when you need to look great without worrying too much about what you’re wearing.

Two great accessories for women who want to project confidence in any situation are a fabulous handbag and a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. 

A handbag that is generous enough to carry what you need, with well-made hardware and clean lines in a dark color of leather or high quality vinyl can take an ordinary outfit and kick it up a notch or two. And you don’t have to worry about whether it “fits” or not!

Sunglasses are something to have on hand 365 days a year. The sun doesn’t go away in the winter, and if you live where there is a lot of snow, you’ll appreciate the glare-cutting properties of good sunglasses. 

The truth is, if it’s daylight, the right shades can totally make your look, no matter what time of year. If you’re a woman and don’t know where to start, check out the  Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses. The shape is almost universally flattering, and the style looks just as gorgeous with a distressed denim jacket as it does with your dressiest outfit and most expensive jewelry.

So you see, it doesn’t take that much in the way of money or complexity to have a style that’s cool under pressure. It’s a matter of being comfortable in your skin and in your clothes, having basics that are flexible, and accessorizing with a few beautiful, dependable pieces. That can translate to pretty much any budget, figure style, and age.

Zahira Jones is a fashion stylist who believes that anyone can look put together and stylish by investing in fewer, higher quality wardrobe elements and using accessories well. Her favorite place to find loads of authentic name brand sunglasses at great prices is

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