If you’re ready to invest in a Louis Vuitton bag, you will want to make sure that what you’re buying is an original. That especially holds true if you’re buying from a third-party vendor, or you’re looking for a deal online.

There’s an overwhelming amount of fake designer brands selling online. One of the most copied bags of all time is unfortunately from the designer you’re dying to own. In order to protect his luxury brand, Louis Vuitton has even sued Google and eBay for selling knock-offs.

How do you know that you’re getting a heavily discounted authentic designer bag, and not an overpriced replica?

The answer can be found heading to the nearest Louis Vuitton boutique or an authorized dealer. Get to know the real thing up, close, and personal: study that piece you’re looking to buy, ask the sales assistant to let you hold the bag in your hands. If that is not a possibility for you, check the bag design in a catalog or on an official website.

There are four things to pay special attention to: materials, hardware, date code and construction.

The famous “LV” monogram pattern was invented more than hundred years ago. On the original pieces, the pattern is nicely aligned and symmetrical. The letter “O” in an original’s font is round, and not oval. There are only five standard canvases: the gray Trianon canvas, the beige and darker beige monochrome striped canvas, the red and beige vertical-striped canvas, the Damier canvas and the Monogram canvas.

An authentic bag has the hardware inscribed with a company logo or insignia, and is in correct material. It should feel heavy. The trim Louis Vuitton uses on monogram pieces is from natural untreated European calf hide that develops a beautiful patina as it oxidizes over time. Many counterfeits use synthetic materials which do not show the same signs of age.

The construction of an authentic bag will always be perfect. Each authentic piece must pass a rigorous inspection process. The stitching on the handles should be flawless, straight and even, with the same number on both sides. Camel-colored handles should be painted red at the seams.

Date code is a Louis Vuitton signature: a small embossed marking is found on all leather goods. This tells us when and where the product was produced.

Don’t be think that the bag is not authentic if it’s not marked “Made In France”. Over the years, some lines have been manufactured in Spain, Italy, and even USA.

Before you make that gorgeous, expensive bag your own, be sure you know your Louis Vuitton.

If a Louis Vuitton bag costs less than 0, you can be sure that it’s not an original. Authentic Louis Vuitton bags [http://www.luvbagmore.com] can nevertheless be found discounted.

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