Someone once said: Every woman should bring out two things, one is gentle, and the second is the package, it looks like that, he silently support you, give you a sense of security. Package is like a fashionable woman LOGO, with it, women are not afraid to be the trend of falling forever.

When a woman can not afford expensive brand-name suits, with a package to sync with the trend forward. Especially for the girl dressed like the minimalist, if no one seemed enough quality, enough to set off a special package, it seems too fun to live up to the fashion.

Package is my close friend. Keys, wallet, phone book, cell phone was placed on the inside of the whole can be looked from the outside, bags are still fine fashion, without the slightest sense of jumbled mess prosperity.Package also my private stylist, different bags with different styles of clothes, with different occasions.

Last night the family had a light pack out phase, a small excited about these packages really buy a lot of years, and some packages put my mother at home, so come back to make another bag Tingduo ~ though, but there are many already well used, and may really be the poor quality of the package, it may really I love them, so use every day, month and use, use can not be reused, ha ha, like a woman never too many packages, clothing and more, not to mention women like grass is always greener, it is the beauty of nature, ah ~
I bought the package are more affordable, not the pursuit of luxury, but only to affordable and good-looking, practical and appearance of each half of it ~ Well, turn to play the main character ~
This package is bought a few years ago, oh great, you can put a lot of stuff, not used now in 2012, and pig have been worn away, then bought the black spotted white when it , of course, take into account the space is large enough, if you want to go out for a long time, I like to put a lot of things, paper towels or something, this is more a sense of security, if you buy something you can directly put the bag, so do not ask a few on hand bag, oh so inconvenient, or packed in a bag easily, but this has increased the burden on the bag, hard work, and my lovely bag ~

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