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Tailgating Sports Marketing is proud to announce the launch of their new interactive restroom trailers. Aimed at advertisers and event planners, the first of its kind restroom trailers offer a distinctive interactive approach to indoor advertising. The luxury restroom trailers will provide a cost-affordable alternative to porta-potties at sports venues, concerts, festivals, and other tailgating events and feature unique captive marketing tools such as urinal games, stall door TV screens, behind-the-mirror screens, mobile tie-ins, and more.

Temporary restroom facilities are often a side-thought for venue owners. Many times, fans are forced to experience unsanitary and unclean conditions in porta-potties that are provided in limited supply. Established as a subdivision of Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC ( – the nation’s leading supplier of new and used portable restroom and shower trailers – Tailgating Sports Marketing is dedicated to changing the status quo.

Tailgating Sports Marketing is driven by a talented team of innovative thinkers with over 15 years of experience developing marketing engagements. The core management team includes President and COO, Teri Pahon, Vice-President and CFO, Ken Pahon, Director, Sid Smith and Executive Producer, Ed Bernard. Leveraging their years of marketing and PR activation experience, and rental and delivery knowledge from Portable Restroom Trailers, the new, interactive restroom experience from TGSM offers a first-class restroom experience combined with state-of-the-art responsive media technology. Together, TGSM’s luxury restrooms are able to serve tens of thousands of guests, while allowing venue owners and advertisers to take advantage of an unmatched captive audience that studies show have a high brand attention span and just as high ad retention rates.

Amenities included on TGSM’s interactive restroom trailers extend far beyond those found in porta-potties which are traditionally used at events. The luxury interior includes premium design materials, flushing toilets, hot and cold water hand wash, and baby changing stations. Fully climate-controlled, trailers are also designed to accommodate tens of thousands of uses with separate entrances and exits for high traffic volume, as well as large capacity holding tanks.

Not only are the TGSM interactive trailers’ restroom amenities as impressive as permanent ones found in high-end locations, they are also environmentally-friendly. They reduce energy and resource consumption, and decrease water contamination. They also offer users a healthier, more civilized restroom solution over the porta-potty.

Inside the interactive restroom trailer, TGSM has teamed up with industry leaders in interactive marketing experiences and responsive media to provide multiple integrated technology touch points. On the men’s side, guests will find an Aim & Shoot urinal game. The vanity mirror is actually a proximity triggered media display. The proximity triggered vanity mirror will show footage of the event or other branded content when users are not close, but when a visitor leans in to wash their hands or to look at themselves, the media shrinks down, allowing the user to see their reflection in the mirror. No one will miss a minute of the event they are passionate about with media displays located on each outdoor stall door, inner stall door and mounted the restroom walls. In addition, the exterior of the trailer features an HD 3D large screen display inviting visitors waiting in line to engage in an interactive game by using their mobile phone or other mobile device. All of these visitor touch points translate into exceptional advertising and brand and product conquest opportunities for venue owners and their event sponsors.

“We are so excited to be able to offer this innovative, portable marketing solution to our customers,” says President and COO, Teri Pahon. “A luxury restroom trailer is a welcome addition to any event where thousands of guests are otherwise subjected to using unsanitary porta-potties. However, our interactive restroom trailers take it a step beyond. Not only do we want people to go into a restroom and leave it feeling impressed and pleased with their experience, we want to connect with them since we have their undivided attention through entertainment relative to their event experience and convert those connections into qualified leads and dollars for our venue owners and advertisers.”

Immersive restroom advertising is woefully overlooked in the marketing industry. Surprising to most, is how valuable a tool it has already proven to be for the venue owners and advertisers that have led the charge in recognizing and embracing it. Study results from Barbour Monroe Marketing Research Studies and an Arizona State University study have shown restroom advertising has a 98% favorable reaction, and ads are read 95% of the time. Compare that to the statistic that only 24% of TV viewers watch TV advertisements and marketers can begin to do the math. According to Market Intelligence Media Research, it also has an astonishing 85% retention rate. TGSM’s unique interactive restroom trailers help event promoters, producers, venue managers and their sponsors capitalize on these ad impact numbers by working with them to develop and design branded trailer wraps, urinal games, purchase incentives and other advertisements tied into the trailer media delivery points.

TGSM is currently offering their interactive restroom trailers to a select number of venue and event marketing partners, with future plans to roll out the units to any location in the country. For more information on the interactive restroom trailers from Tailgating Sports Marketing, please contact TGSM at 888-995-2285.

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About Tailgating Sports Marketing:

Tailgating Sports Marketing is a subdivision of Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC. The division was established to provide stadiums, festivals, tailgating associations, concerts, and other events a fresh alternative to temporary restroom facilities. TGSM offers a state-of-the-art, fully interactive restroom trailer designed as an interactive engagement activation experience. Restrooms feature HD digital displays, interactive media display triggers, and mobile device gaming. Aimed at providing guests an unforgettable, comfortable and unique restroom experience, the units are also lucrative revenue opportunities for venue owners, sponsors and advertisers.

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