Vinyasa yoga focuses on lining up your breathing and movement. The word vinyasa actually means breath-synchronized movement. It is not a single form of yoga, but rather many techniques put together. The poses flow together in this form of yoga to resemble dancing, looking more like a fluid motion. No matter how one moves, it all must be done while consistently breathing in and out.

When someone begins doing this kind of yoga, they can expect more than just stretching exercises. Classes are different depending on the teacher and some may like to chant. Vinyasa does not use any one style, but there are three poses that are common. They comprise the Sun Salutation which is a sequence of three positions.

The largest reason to do this kind of yoga is the diversity you will receive with the exercise. The versatility with vinyasa can help the exercises adapt to each individual’s style. Despite the routine used, the yoga will be a challenge at first and the practitioners will build their strength and flexibility over time. Classes may be either fast or slow and the students get a total workout that is creative and flows well. If you try different classes, you will receive different things as they vary greatly depending on the teacher.

The flexibility aspect makes vinyasa yoga popular in the West. Some like that it is unpredictable and personalized. At its base, it is used to help the practitioner develop awareness of their inner self.

In order to reap the full benefits of vinyasa yoga, you will need to take a class. Traveling across the world to practice under a master is not something most people do, but there are many teachers available locally that can show you the poses. If time or cost prevent you from taking a class, you can find videos that can guide you through the process, positions and flow of vinyasa yoga. You can find ways to practice this yoga inexpensively in order to benefit your health and progression in the yoga field. Start by searching online and see what is available in your area.

The author has been practicing Vinyasa yoga for 15 years and is part of a team creating yoga classes online.

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