What Global Recession?

Despite the gloomy news about a global recession, there is reason to rejoice – at least among the heavy hitters in the design world. With new summer lines from the likes of Luke 1977, Henleys, Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren and Lyle & Scott (just to name a few), we have some of the freshest designs we’ve seen in years. Even better? They’re not going to cost the equivalent of a small country’s debt. Especially in menswear, it seems the best of the best have found new ways to bring forth creativity and style, all the while ensuring they remain affordable. From the fresh shades of blues and greens to the clean lines of black and white, there’s much to choose from in men’s casual and business wear. These heavy hitters have struck new balances in their clothing lines that spark creativity and we couldn’t be happier.

But just what does the summer hold for those of us who want to look good doing what we do? It’s the bold and bright colors, comfortable fabrics that breathe (think cotton) and no-fuss maintenance. It’s all about those pieces that launder easy and wear easier. Denim shorts, khaki shorts or cotton shorts – if they’re comfortable and stylish, they’re ideal for the season. There are some great design names that meet this challenge and deliver beautifully. Here are few, but do yourself a favor and don’t limit your options to those we mention here. We’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg!

From the colorful casual offerings from Henleys, beach wear has a new name – you can be sure. From the great cut offered via its Contour tee that fits a man’s physique comfortably to those classic hoodies with as much attention to detail as a tailor-made suit, Henleys surges forward and has easily carved its place in fashion. This affordable line has it all. We especially love the ease in which one can coordinate pieces.

Another summer favorite that has folks watching closely is Luke 1977. One reason Luke works so well is its all-inclusive offerings that include scarves, hats, watches and a ton of other great accessories. Clearly a UK favorite, Luke’s not going anywhere anytime soon and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Any real Luke fan knows how comfortable the Syperlight crew necks are. We love the attention to detail and unique accessories that ensure this clothing line stands out from the rest and simply keeps on ‘keepin’ on’.

Still another favorite among many of us is the vintage line offered by Lyle & Scott. Those classics continue to stand the test of time and Lyle & Scott plays its role to keep those vintage pieces fresh. With color combinations such as light grey and marl, you’ll enjoy your trip down memory lane and you’ll look great doing it.

Further, the sleeveless V-neck Heritage knits are a great look for summer and easily transition from the golf course to a casual evening feel to tie your look together. For summer, it’s all about ease and comfort. Lyle & Scott are the epitome of both.

Pulling together a look for the warmer season shouldn’t be a time-consuming chore, nor should it put a major dent in your wallet. Colors should easily coordinate and fabrics lightweight. Further, our warm weather pieces should look great regardless of whether we’re on the beach or the tennis court. Lucky for us, our favorite brands know this and work to keep those great summer looks easy and fun.

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