“No explanation is not in itself interesting and mysterious.” Italy is such a mystery. Mysterious standing outside, you can explain it any, and once into the mystery itself, instead, he was not concluded, in which the lost.

Dolce & Gabbana: Black show games

LePiave street in Milan on the 24th, people management that black is called “InkBlack”. Here is the latest fashion in Milan landmark. Dolce & Gabbana transformed a 50’s last century’s cinema?? TheMetropol. On entering the gate, you will be so large that the entire space is not coordinated with the crystal lamp to attract. This lamp is black at first glance, but Dolce & Gabbana’s public relations manager AlbertoCavalli is correct we say, this is designed specifically for this site “InkBlack” color. This is a black with purple. The 15-meter high ceiling, full size with 1,000 square meters of black space will become a future release new and the Dolce & Gabbana show field will be the glitzy fashion center.

Versace family that mirror When you see the great time you must have a premonition. For example, when we see the masters of the Kingdom of the Versace DonatellaVersace, the few layers of floor, lead us into the person who has changed the 3 batches.

Side floor in the house, you will find the stairs connecting the side walls of the mirror almost. This mirror is the Versace family touched us most places because it is reminiscent of the fate of the Versace empire. Years after his death in Versace1997, Donatella once sold. In 1999, the original collection of the New York home in Versace’s 25 paintings by Picasso, to 11 million pounds of the price to be auctioned in London; two years later, GianniVersace in Miami apartments and homes in New York was again the items in the auction Total sold 30 million pounds. 2003, “Sunday Times” reported Versace even by financial crisis, have decided not to send models to participate in Paris fashion show.

Now, Versace Group seems to be out of the clouds, Versace in 2007 is said to also have a larger global movement. Donatella, I even smile tells us: “I no longer like before, but sad because my brother, I came out.”

Point a dish called Armani In Milan, you and taxi drivers, with the police station with Hotels Door children, or seems that any passers-by: ViaManzoni31. They will tell you: Armani!

Then a noon, we may be able to see Armani’s public relations staff ArmaniCaffe ate a very Armani lunch. Simple and neat throughout the restaurant, even the waiters serving the movements are very competent. In this restaurant, you see a low-key simple Armani himself. Although, GiorgioArmani by the U.S. ” Women Daily “as” is the most successful fashion designer business “; although, according to Interbrand’s ranking, as his name and the famous Coca-Cola; though he is his own boss, a person has a value of 7 billion U.S. dollars throughout the empire, but he still seems not to recognize these achievements. When a worker hanging in his office when his painting, Giorgio, said: “This picture of the people? This picture should be under the ground, come off it.” For Armani, the all seem to have remained Venice street 31 years ago, two small rooms.

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