Fans at the Australia Day concert at the Hordern Pavilion were happy to see Jimmy Buffet perform live and were so excited that they gave a performance of a Lovely Cruise. Unfortunately, the singer fell off the stage before the live audience and fell hard knocking himself unconscious. The fans were ushered out of the Hall and a buffet was provided by the staff until he finally regained consciousness. A few minutes later he was admitted to local hospital and was attended by emergency doctors.

Jimmy Buffet was taken for examination at St. Vincent Hospital where doctors decided to admit him for observation overnight. All reports are that the singer is doing well, but with a head injury, it is advisable to rest. The doctor said that Buffett has taken a bad fall and seems to rest comfortably while waiting for his early release tomorrow.

This concert was unplanned and was tacked onto the singer’s tour only after two sell out performances at the Sydney Opera House. Fans were thrilled to hear that they would be given the opportunity to see Buffet live after other performances were sold out so quickly and rushed to the Pavilion to catch the stars last Sydney performance.

Jimmy and his team wish to thank all the fans and supporters for their support and prayers and while the singer is still in hospital, he is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. The fans were relieved to hear the news that Buffett will make a full and speedy recovery.

Fortunately Buffet’s fall off the Sydney stage did little to put a damper on the spirits of those coming out to celebrate Australia ‘s anniversary bash. This is by far one of the biggest events in Sydney and the energy continued to flow throughout the evening. Sydney officials are investigating the incident even though they feel that this was just an unfortunately accident and had nothing to do with faulty set up or conditions of the stage itself.

Videotape of the performance can be seen online and it seems that the singer has just taken a false step, as he sang the line “It was a pleasant cruise, I’m sorry it’s over” and, unfortunately, c that is where the performance ended and Buffet. Fortunately, the singer will make a full recovery Margaritaville and hopes to perform again in Sydney at some point in the future.

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