Juvederm®: How Your Skincare Routine Can Supercharge Your Filler Results

When it comes to preserving youthful, beautiful skin, you can’t just depend on injectable treatments to fix every problem. Although fillers are considered to be a highly effective way of reducing the depth of static wrinkles, when it comes to options like Juvederm®, Albuquerque’s Western Dermatology Consultants team explains that patients should remember that cosmetic treatments on their own shouldn’t be used as a replacement for taking care of their skin throughout the rest of the year. These injectable gels work best on patients who have already been engaging in healthy habits and stick to a good skincare routine each day. Physicians from Western Dermatology Consultants explain that although Juvederm® gives you thicker, more supple skin in certain areas, reducing the appearance of creases and lines, the impact is lessened if your overall complexion is dull, lackluster or blotchy and oily.

A good skincare routine complements fillers and can even amplify their results. Most of the time, long-term use of products and a consistent routine will give you the best outcome, though even a strict regiment won’t fix all of your skin issues right away. By following these tips, your complexion can remain glowing and radiant—even when the effects of cosmetic treatments wear off.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Each day, our skin accumulates unwanted debris such as makeup, toxins, dirt, bacteria, dead skin, and oil. It’s also exposed to pollutants when we go out. Cleansing the skin with a gentle product that’s suited for your skin type helps to keep the pores clear, keeps the skin refreshed, and allows topical products to be absorbed better. Experts recommend washing your face each night, although cleansing it in the morning before you apply other products can also be beneficial. Use warm rather than hot water and double cleanse your skin to get rid of makeup.

Don’t Forget About Sun Protection

If you want to keep lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as possible, sun protection is vital in your routine. Aside from chronological aging, sun exposure has the most significant impact on your skin quality, as the UV radiation damages skin fibers. For many people, sun damage ends up being the main cause of wrinkles, rough patches, and hyperpigmentation on the skin later in life, so while you may not enjoy the scent or feeling of products, don’t skip sunscreen.

Look for broad-spectrum mineral sunscreens of SPF 30 or higher, and be wary of sun exposure even when it’s a cloudy, overcast, or you’re spending a lot of time indoors or in your car. Certain forms of ultraviolet radiation can pass through glass windows. In addition to sunscreen, layer up with protective clothing and accessories like hats and sunglasses.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Older skin usually retains less water, and any wrinkles and lines you have will look more pronounced on chronically parched, cracked skin. Although moisturizing won’t necessarily undo or prevent wrinkles, it will make your skin more buoyant and glowing while keeping it balanced and reducing the risk of oiliness and irritation. It’s best to moisturize your face as soon as you come out of the shower to replace any oils and moisture that the skin has lost. You’ll also need to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out by drinking plenty of water as your skin takes water from your body.

Add Products Containing Antioxidants

Vitamins don’t just improve your physical health – they also have an influence on the texture and tone of your skin. Antioxidants are found in the vitamins contained in food and in supplements and cosmeceuticals. If you want your brightest, smoothest skin, try using anti-aging products containing antioxidants such as retinol, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These not only protect your skin against environmental damage, but can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Search for products containing multiple antioxidants and that are designed for the specific purpose you need them for.

Curious about the relationship between skincare and dermal fillers that temporarily add volume to keep your skin smooth and firm? For more information about aesthetic treatments from Western Dermatology Consultants, call 505-855-9267 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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