Key fashion trends winter season Autumn is in full swing. Winter is coming. It’s time to recharge your wardrobe with new clothes. But these things should not just be new, but actually fashionable. Before buying new things is to get acquainted with the major fashion trends of the winter season. The current winter season in focus continues to fall trend. You can identify six key points. These trends are supported in all collections of winter clothing. So, let’s begin. The first trend: the jackboot. Today’s woman of fashion FLANMARK.COM will not be without this handy and very attractive details wardrobe. Treads have won not only the fashion runways, but the city streets. Experts in the field of fashion and style claim that fashion boots will not leave us in the next two winter seasons. Treads included in recent collections of many venerable fashion. Prada, Rodarte, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs not without high boots. But the boot shoes alike. But the main thing remains. The length should be just above the knee and to the possibility of the legs. Material, each chooses his liking. And the leather, and suede, and silk and polyester, and even vinyl. Last year Boots also lengthened. Ugg-boots with us for a long time. The second trend: the raised shoulders. Raised shoulders back. Returned eighties. It’s time to get otporotye and concealed hanger and sew them back. Although modern cut of the garment more feminine, more elegant style of dress, however, hard, raised shoulders are taking place. This and dresses and blouses, and jackets Combination of things with broad shoulders with everyday attire gives unexpected results. For instance, wearing tight jeans with a fashionable jacket, we dress for the office or around town. And if you wear the same jacket with a classic pencil skirt, you get a nice business suit, which is not ashamed to appear at a meeting at any level. Raised shoulders appeared in the fashion FLANMARK.COM collections of many fashion houses. This is Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana, and Donna Karan. The third trend: the chain. Circuit this season, an unusually popular. Chains everywhere. Necklace, earrings, belts, accessories. Chains decorate the bags, buckles, shoes. It could be a massive chain or small elegant chain. Material as any. Metal, bright plastic, gold, silver. Vamp this season perfectly complement your way of this fashionable accessory. This seemingly minor detail simply converts any image that will give him complete. The fourth trend: lightning. Today, lightning – not just a zip. It is an independent piece wardrobe. Lightning at the peak of his popularity.

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