If you haven’t already tried the knuckle ring trend, you’ve been missing out. Knuckle rings are no longer the chunky, face-breaking accessories of 90s gangs. They’re feminine, thin, and add so much to your style with so little. You can wear them to highlight a great new manicure or simply too get more accessories on yourself without more piercings. Knuckle rings for spring are a fun trend to try and with the new, thinner silhouettes, they are so girly. Here are a few tips for wearing them:

1. Stick with thin rings. A thinner ring looks more feminine and doesn’t steal all the attention.

2. Wear more than one. Seriously. Especially if it’s your first time trying out the trend, wearing more than one keeps the look cohesive. I like to wear them on my middle finger and ring finger together.

3. Wear your other rings as well. I like to wear matching rings on the knuckle and on the finger. Such a fun way to add some flair to your fingers.

The best part of knuckle rings is that they make your outfit instantly trendy by adding tons of style to your outfit in such a subtle way. You can wear them to work without coming off to garish and when you add them to your everyday casual outfits, it immediately adds a touch of feminine style.



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