Hi Guys,

I had the funniest experience in my life a few hours ago! I went for the opening of Lanvin for H&M this morning in Dubai Mall!! I went with my BFF! Being both Project Manager, we already had our strategy and plan of who pick what and how to go to the war zone!!
When we arrived(6:45am), there were around 10 more enthusiastic shoppers at the door! We were running in the mall to get there actually because earlier I read that people queued for 12 hours in New York for the opening! So I thought OK, we will be at least in the second 100, but I was relieved when we arrived there! 
I didn’t have this feeling since my exam days!! I was feeling that I am going to have a match in Olympic! Can you believe my heart was beating so fast!

The staff were dancing and cheering inside and they were adding more excitement to every one!!
There was a woman who thought she was very clever, she sneaked in when the door was a bit open for the staff and they kicked her out!! I mean, COME ON! you come at 7 o’clock in the morning for shopping, isn’t it embarrassing enough? Now you are kicked out of the shop? and you are still standing there? not in the queue? What would a girl do when it comes to shopping!! have you seen “Friends” the one that Monica goes with Phoebe and Rachael to buy wedding dress?!lol Exactly the same!

Anyways, the doors are open at 8am with the count down of the staff. Hmmm, wait a minute, where are the bracelets? we are number 14 and 15, we should have bracelets to go in the first batch of 20 and shop for 10 minutes, right? NOT HAPPENING!!!

Every body just rushed inside. I was grabbing whatever coming into my hand! I picked the yellow dress first! I picked 3 actually!!:)) that was our plan! One for Shideh my friend, one for myself and one for my sister! I was going mad!!! I picked whatever I could and rushed to the fitting room to relax and see what have I got!! I was impressed! Just my size!!

Shideh was missing! I didn’t know where was she! Apparently she just went to the cashier to buy whatever she picked! She said when she looked back at 8:12am, there was absolutely nothing left on the racks! Even the mannequins were replaced with normal H&M clothes! At 8:35am when I paid and was going out of the store, you couldn’t even guess, there was absolutely no trace of Lanvin!!
OMG, it was the craziest experience in my life!
I bought some pieces that I loved and I am very happy now! Good achievement!!lol

What would a girl do to put her hands on something she wants!!

Here is my achievement photo!!



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