Altering your formal dress

Are you ordering your homecoming dress online because it’s easier to find one you like among an extensive selection of gowns? If so, it’s imperative that you follow certain guidelines to make it easier to alter your homecoming dress, especially if you end up altering it yourself.

Basic Tips to Make Alterations Easier

  • Measure yourself accurately using a tape measure. If you have to guess, it’s better to err on the larger side as it’s easier to take a dress in than it is to let it out.
  • Order the dress in the size you are and not the one you hope to be as fad diets don’t usually work and you can’t guarantee you’ll have enough material to fix that mishap.
  • Shop for homecoming dresses online in your proper height for easier alterations. If you are taller than 5’9″ and want a full-length homecoming dress, consider ordering a tall length if they have it. If not, order a plus-size dress, as it often adds extra length and you can take it in at the bodice and the waistline.


Tips for Last Minute DIY Homecoming Alterations

  • Tackle any simple alterations at home. Try on your dress again with the correct lingerie and shoes, taking note of any issues near the bust line or length. Pin your dress in the proper areas from the inside out. If you are going to adjust the bust, you need to pin at the bust darts, instead of the actual side seams. However, it’s important to keep all of the seams as even as possible.
  • Use a similar pinning method or baste the alterations in place if you are hemming the length of your homecoming dress. Use a matching color thread and sew as close to the fold as you can while keeping your stitches and seam even. Trim the excess seam of fabric, roll it over, and apply a pretty stitch over it again.
  • Add some unique flair to your homecoming dress. If you bought a solid color homecoming dress from but have now decided you want more design on it and there is no time to send it elsewhere, it’s time for you to be creative. You can do something as easily as adding a contrasting ribbon as a belt and wearing a crinoline of that same color underneath. If you want to get crafty though, think about brushing some fabric paint on the bottom few inches of your dress for effect. Alternatively, you could alter your dress by sewing on some sequins or even adding on a brooch near the neckline.
  • Add a different kind of hemline such as uneven layers of chiffon or a flouncy gown that ruffles at the bottom. If you like the first option, tighten up your longer gown, and decide how short you want to go. Mark this length and then move the marker around 10 cm ahead and 15 cm behind your first mark as this will form your layers. Cut here and begin stitching your layers, keeping the hem in the back around 5 cm longer than the front. Put your dress on a hanger to see what final touches need to be done.
  • Think about adding beaded straps to a backless dress. You’ll need to make a template out of muslin and attach it your dress before adding an assortment of beads to it. As this process takes several hours, make sure you have allotted enough time for it.

If you are not confident of your sewing and craft skills, it’s always better to pay the extra money for a professional seamstress to alter your dress.

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