The first summer month as bringing us closer to the release. In early June, the grass – the green, the flowers – the most succulent, sun – the brightest, and the first summer fruits – the most desirable, but the work must still walk and walk. We offer not to be sad, but dilute the grayness of everyday life riot of colors and creative approach to writing trendy ensembles. Today you will see the latest fashion trends this season!

Blurred floral – in releases like mini and maxi – alternate with large color images, as if copied from the great works of Impressionist, avant-garde and abstract. The fabric can even look as if you were artists: draw a picture, and then one random movement – and the whole palette of colors spread on the white canvas. Here it is – an original work of art! Many designers: Moschino Cheap & Chic, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Christian Lacroix and others – in the paintings of veiled Oriental designs and drawings of tattoos, mixed with computer graphics. The latest trend – the motives borrowed from the frescoes of Pompeii era, combined with street art of graffiti, the world strange and wonderful beasts of unearthly creatures.

This is the total diversity of affected and another must-have this summer: in favor dress in all its variations, not only because it is feminine and sexy, but also because each of us can choose from this vast sea of styles the one that fits most total. Soft silk or jersey drapes like to embrace the most simple silhouettes, matte and shiny, transparent and opaque layers of tissue lie one on one. Dress-cocoon-dress tunic, dress-tie, a dress-coat, tied under the breasts or tighten at the waist with a wide belt, dress-Case – exclusively elegant and have tempted the same time …

If your summer has festive holiday outlook, and shopping you are not threatened in connection with the actual reality that we are pursuing this year, I recommend not to hurt and to exercise maximum creativity to improve last year’s wardrobe. The more so because fundamental differences in the trends of the season is not observed. For example, if your closet lying around baggy chiffon maxi skirt, lift it above the chest, pick up a wide belt or a beautiful Turkish shawl (as a last resort, and will fit an ordinary large shawl) and underline beneficial waist or hip line. Possible to ex-embroidered skirt, attach the strap or a pair of bright wide ribbons. Since this summer in fashion décolleté back, do not be afraid to work with scissors: make a cut on the old, but the original, beautiful T-shirt or blouse and zadekoriruyte it. Or just wear a shirt with a big cut backwards – and the fun and fashionable! “

To be asymmetrical things must come to terms with the idea that disharmony – it is not a violation of the foundations, but simply – wrong. Only then we will have a chance to pass for the most knowledgeable in fashion trends this season. Last year’s silhouettes had plastic ancient, dominated by the geometric asymmetry of Art Nouveau, and today – it’s the exact quote aesthetics 80. One bare shoulder, big flashy parts, visually reinforcing the shoulders of others, or to dress fashionably unitard “walk” drapes and tucks, but in general products are sewn with a complicated calculation. Plus, flowing summer fabrics of pure monochrome shades, which make a figure slimmer, and the image – complete.

Mirror surfaces, bright colors, the combination of textures and materials, log forms, African motifs, giant size – that’s the basic characteristics of the accessory of the summer season. Keyword – too. Decorations like to rent from the box or chest Cleopatra Mistress of Copper Mountain. As such heaps of metal, stones and plastic by a thin neck and dainty wrists – the mind boggles. But it seems girls are not only stylish but also very strong, produce. A mania for giants looks absolutely great with minimalist attire. Importantly – stylized, with all that you are wearing, with a passionate lightheadedness, against which time impotently.

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