Laughter is an integral part of the universal human vocabulary, as every single human being understands it. Regardless of the language spoken, everyone laughs. We don’t even learn to laugh as we must for speaking; we are already born with the innate ability to laugh.

One of the important things about laughter is that it occurs unconsciously. This is why it is difficult to fake laughter or laugh on command. There is a good chance that laughter is part of our survival mechanism. Just like any other survival system that is constantly occurring unconsciously like breathing or digesting.

Laughter is an excellent way of cleansing the body, and ridding it of stress. When you are laughing it is tough to be simultaneously feeling bad. After a bout of uncontrollable laughter you are left feeling relaxed and very much at peace. As well as the many good feelings that follow laughter.

This is important as well, since when working with the Law of Attraction you want to have good feelings. When you have good feelings you know that you are in alignment with what you are wanting. By feeling good, you are helping to consciously manifest your desires.

Many of the most spiritual people I know, including many of the sages that I have studied, have a very strong sense of humor. They seem to be laughing a lot more than the average person. I feel that this is not only for the good feelings but also because these people take life less seriously.

Notice this next time you study, or are in the presence of, a master. We all need to take life less seriously. Reality and our lives are not as important or real as we are led to believe. For information on reality, you should read another interesting article I wrote titled The Brain, Where Reality Emerges? Greet every incident and encounter with the belief that reality is not solid and life is not a serious affair, and you will not be able to hold back the laughter.

Humour was the only means of counteracting the compulsion of human awareness to take inventories and to make cumbersome classification. Carlos Castaneda, The Fire From Within.

I encourage you to practice laughter each and every day, as many times as you can. Consider it part of your personal, daily, metaphysical practice. This could be anything from watching a hilarious movie to exchanging jokes with your best friend. It is important that you laugh out loud and lose yourself in the laughter. A good bout of uncontrollable laughter will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease with life, which is just as you should be.

Enjoy this powerful spiritual practice that has been with you since you were born!

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