If you are concerned about the fashion shows of LV, Chanel and so on, you will find leather bags start to become popular in 2010 autumn and winter. You should rapidly put on winter fashion, and you can also be eye-catching in the street.
Louis Vuitton, the French history’s most outstanding fashion designer, his first store of leather bags was founded in 1854, which was named with his name. A century later, “Louis Vuitton” had become the first brand in the field of leather goods, and it becomes a status symbol of high society.Louis Vuitton leather bags fully walk in front of the trend! In the production, they are chosen imported LV special fabrics, the leathers matched in the bags are chosen the first layer changing color leather imported from Italy, and they can naturally change color. Hardware accessories are chosen high-level imported hardware, they have exquisite workmanship, they have high-density plating and they are extremely difficult to fade. The liner of the leather bag is chosen a special inner cloth and the liners of the different styles of bags are different. The flowers, suture and pin code are uniform, LOGO is almost completely symmetrical.
Gabrielle Chanel founded Chanel brand in France in 1910, the brand has a nearly century history brand, it always adheres to simple, elegant style. It has become a pride of the fashion world, and it is the most like to have the brand for women.
The brown leather bags are the most easy to match all kinds of clothes, their applicable age range is very big! Women occupational clothes, gentlewomanly clothes and leisure clothes can match the color leather bags, and the embarrassing situation that the color of bags does not match the color of the clothes is rare. There is no age limit, from ten-year-old girl to 60-year-old grandmother, they can use.
All leather bags are chosen the high-quality first layer leather, and the colors are bright and shiny, they have real texture of crackajack leather, the hand feeling is very comfortable and flexible. The appearances of fine leather bags are oily and shiny, and we touch them to feel soft and delicate.
In all animal patterns, it is no more than crocodile pattern to exude gorgeous sense, with decent style, simple lines and low-pitched magnificence, the crocodile pattern leather bags always show intellectuality and morbidezza of elegant woman, they make your costume even more beautiful.

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