(PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Elena Taranina, the writer for the fashion blog LenLenStyle, is happy to offer new stylish options in her fashion blog. Her recent blog post, “Valentino Fashion Jumpsuit and Playsuit,” she presents a one-piece jumpsuit from Valentino which is both fashionable and thick enough to keep her warm, even during cold weather. Elena writes that the jumpsuit is fashionable enough “to make a statement by itself,” and while wearing it, there is no need to wear an extravagant amount of make-up or jewelry.

To read the full post, visit http://www.lenlenstyle.com/every-day/valentino-fashion-jumpsuit-and-playsuit/

LenLenStyle is a blog which is continuously updated throughout the year to give women tips on how to dress fashionably every season of the year while also saving money. From skin lotions, to restaurants around the world, to casual fashion, Elena makes sure to display the most fashionable and affordable styles of clothes to wear while going out to town either locally, or when travelling to thrilling destinations such as Geneva, London, Miami, or Moscow.

To see more, visit the “Travel” section of the LenLenStyle blog: http://www.lenlenstyle.com/category/travel/

The “Elena Live” portion of the blog (http://www.lenlenstyle.com/category/elena-live/), includes several new blog posts which give the readers a clear view of how Elena is able to dress fashionably and look beautiful on a day-to-day basis, whether it be at a formal event, or at a casual rendezvous at a coffee shop on a cozy Sunday afternoon.

About LenLenStyle

Born in Moscow and a New York native, Elena currently travels between Moscow, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, and London to discover new trends in fashion in order to further develop her personal style as well as develop content for her blog. With her hands-on strategy of constantly developing her style, Elena is able to show readers some of the tricks she has learnt along the way, including how to mix clothes and accessories from vintage pieces. Elena has also teamed up with professional photographer and good friend Sabina Vishnevska to capture the imagery on her blog. It will be a steady stream of gorgeous imagery, which Elena hopes will make her readers happy.

To view the LenLenStyle blog, please visit http://www.lenlenstyle.com/

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