Mineral makeup is the latest rage in the world of cosmetics that is making news in the industry. It has caught the attention of millions of people primarily because of the fact that it is safe to use and does not have the ill effects of regular cosmetics. Mineral makeup is made up of naturally occurring minerals extracted from the Earth’s crust which are pulverized into a very fine powder form so that they can be applied on the body as makeup. Major ingredients in mineral makeup are Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide. Besides, it also contains Talc which is utilized in most mineral makeups as a filler to increase the mass.

mineral makeup

Recovering from surgeries: Mineral makeup has been found beneficial for people who have undergone surgeries of the skin. In fact, mineral makeup is probably the only kind of makeup such people can resort to. Since mineral makeup contains a healthy mineral based foundation without any oil, preservatives, fragrances or oils, it offers safe coverage for the skin. Some of the minerals found in mineral makeup and their post surgery benefits are as follows:

  • Titanium Oxide: It protects the skin after the surgery and offers good coverage.
  • Bismuth Oxychloride: This greyish white powder has antiseptic properties that keep skin infections at bay; something that post surgery skin is quite prone to.
  • Mica: Mica has a high refractive index which adds a healthy glow without adding shimmer like other light enhancing unhealthy cosmetics.

Revitalizes the skin: Since mineral makeup is non-comedogenic i.e one that does not clog pores and is oil free, it is liked by many women. It allows the skin to breathe and hence revitalizes the skin when you wear it. When the minerals are absorbed by the skin, it stays healthy and revitalized. Women with oily as well as dry skin can benefits from its regular usage because of the absence of oil. Besides, mineral makeup is also considered a wise option to combat aging of the skin. The ingredients in the makeup make the skin glow and appear natural. 

Anti allergy: Mineral makeup being free from oil, dyes and preservatives limits the possibility of a skin allergy. Since they contain naturally occurring minerals, there is no need of adding man-made chemicals. Conventional makeup contains various oils that are certain to clog pores leading to allergic skin conditions or acne breakouts. Mineral cosmetics do not clog pores and hence allow the skin to remain free of any allergies.

Scientific support: The excessive popularity in the world of cosmetics that mineral makeup enjoys is not unfounded but supported by enough scientific evidence. As already mentioned above, the contents of genuine mineral makeup are non-comedogenic and hence there is no pore clogging. Since the minerals are inorganic compounds, there is little or no possibility of any bacterial growth in the makeup that can be transferred to your skin. Few contents of a mineral makeup have antiseptic properties that assist the skin in combating any potential skin infection.

Having said enough about the benefits of mineral makeup, it shall be wise to conclude that mineral makeup needs to be scrutinized for its contents before a purchase and not all vendors can be trusted.

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