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It was Bill Gates who once stated, “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” Celebrity & Lifestyle Branding Expert, Jay Leopardi, obviously agrees with this statement. Though he’s responsible for the launching of countless, successful business ventures, and the development and rise of numerous celebrity careers, it’s his latest invention, NinjaWav that has captured the attention of the world- in record time.

NinjaWav is a High Precision Audio (HPA) device that will ultimately change the way we stream music. It’s a compact product, designed to fit comfortably and modestly into any pants (pocket) for easy transport. It’s also waterproof, and comes with a true to life, 24hr battery that can be extended or reduced depending upon volume usage. Additionally, this new technology will amazingly enable users to listen to music, while still having the capability to access their smart phones- all through the communication of a special glass. Set to release in 2016, this ingenious invention will go on to alter our entire approach to how we do music.

After spending millions of dollars on research & development, attorneys, technologists, designers, top sound engineers, and working with some of the most influential music artists and celebrities known today, Leopardi and his partner, Walter Thurmond III of the Philadelphia Eagles, were determined to bring this remarkable project to life. They set out to create something different and incredibly special, and that is exactly what they accomplished. Thanks to this inventive spirit, music and streaming services will never be the same. “The Next Big Thing,” as it’s been deemed, has already reached center stage- surfacing in the heart of Times Square, in New York City, as well as on Sunset Blvd., in Los Angeles. I think it’s safe to say, that NinjaWav has piqued the attention of everyone, causing a tsunami of interest from eager music lovers, to inquiring minds that are filled with anticipation.

Determined to introduce a multifunctional line of products, the duo considered the needs of the end user from the start. With a background as vast and deep as the Pacific Ocean, the CEO of Bad Boy Branding learned the art of ingenuity early on. Destined for greatness, Leopardi admits he inherited the Midas touch. The son of the inventor of P&G’s largest selling product, the multi-colored Bounty Papertowel, Jay wisely followed suite- creatively speaking. Leopardi is responsible for a plethora of lucrative ventures, spanning over years of work in Silicon Valley, to being responsible for the execution of a number of deals on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, as he arduously worked behind the scenes. He pursued the prize with vigor and tenacity in a way that most would stave off. His genuine dedication and commitment to clients has afforded him the opportunity to build an impenetrable empire, with a list of thriving businesses, across a range of industries; including technology, real estate, capital lending, and an unprecedented number of acquisitions.

About Jay Leopardi

Jay Leopardi is a lifestyle and pop culture branding expert, and is the founder & CEO of Bad Boy Branding. Working with start-ups to top tier brands, he reinvents the traditional structure of brand development.

Leopardi’s theory: a great product that doesn’t connect with people in their everyday lives is like a Rolls Royce with no gas- it looks great, but it’s not going anywhere.

World famous celebrities, start-up entrepreneurs, and mega-corporations are just a few of the different types of clients Jay Leopardi and his team of industry-leading professionals empower.

While he has helped shape the personal brands of celebrities like Cedric the Entertainer and companies like Fuse Science, some of Leopardi’s favorite projects have been in fashion and technology. His accolades range from innovative inventions and new business funding techniques, to concept actualization and product launch campaigns. His entrepreneurial endeavors include product placement, licensing and integration, TV & Film production and online brand awareness. He executes a full scale service model, handling every step in the process of brand growth, from start to finish. As featured in many publications such as Forbes, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Strategy Magazine, Elle, Upscale, Ok Weekly, and many others, Jay shares unparalleled real life stories, and delivers relatable business messages to his diverse audience.

Jay emphasizes the importance in building strong relationships, like what he shares with “The Shark,” Daymond John, of the hit television show, “Shark Tank,” as well as with many of the entrepreneurs who’ve been launched from the show.

Collectively handling a seven-figure business that started from his own home, Leopardi has been deemed, “The Master of Reinvention” according to Strategy Magazine, and is the ultimate representation of an entrepreneurial success story. To learn more about Jay Leopardi, visit http://www.jayleopardi.com

For more information on NinjaWav, visit http://www.FollowTheWav.com

You can also ride the Wav Campaign by following on Twitter @thebigwav, and on Facebook and Instagram @followthewav

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