The lightning is very important to how you feel when you’re in your apartment or house. In this article, we’ll show you what color and which light is best for you as well as some ideas on where you could place your light bulbs and a few design-related ideas about the lamp holders itself.

Let’s start up with the color of the light bulb. You should search a color that matches your house styling best, though it should always be bright and you shouldn’t use any dark colors, simply because they’ll make you depressive after a small amount of time(These colors especially include: dark blue, dark green, black, grey and silver). In certain areas, forget about colored lightning or make sure to always have 2 different lights installed in each room, one white and the other with your favorite color. Else you might hurt your eyes when you’re reading for example. As a conclusion, the “mix” of your color and white is what you should go for in each room, without any exception.

Now about the light bulbs: Standard bulbs may offer a nice light, though you should go for energy-saver bulbs. These guarantee low energy cost (A usual light bulb takes about 70 Watts, a energy-saver one about 10), meaning that you can have your light on for 7h and just pay for 1 hour of a standard bulb, this is extremely important when you’re planning to have several different colored lights installed all around your house – of course it helps to save CO2 and the environment too!

A few other design tips:

If you want to focus the light on one point you like best (“center” your light), then you could use a light holder like the “TRAL” from IKEA. Though you should still have some background light, because else the room you have the light in will feel very small and cramped, making you tired. If you want to try a few new things, why don’t you try out putting LEDs into your stairs or as stair lights? They are even more energy-efficient than energy-saver bulbs but guarantee a nice light for smaller areas. You can also use LEDs for outdoor paths, like from your house entrance to the street. Try to “plant” the light emitting diodes in the stone or stair itself, this will look pretty cool. Another energy saving related tip is having additional lights, for example for reading. Then you can switch on your smaller lamp which should focus its light more on one point than spread it and switch out the other light, or maybe dim it down, if you have a dimming device, even though it might make some odd sounds then.

I hope we were able to get you a bit closer to the “world of lightning”. Again, there are many brilliantly written books about this topic, as the complete field would just be way too much for a single article or even a complete website! Now, it’s best if you have a look at the hardware or lightning store of your choice yourself and try out a few new things!

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