The 9th Annual – North Texas WERCouncil, Warehousing Resource Convention will be held on September 23, 2010 at the Grapevine, TX Convention Center.   The North Texas WERC (Warehousing Education and Research Council) Chapter is planning a one-day convention featuring Lightning Pick and Pick-to-Light technology solutions.

The educational sponsor is Texas Christian University (TCU); the Industry Magazine sponsor is DC Velocity. Lightning Pick will be located at booth 6.

There have been many breakthroughs in light-directed order fulfillment technologies which strongly differentiate the more sophisticated systems of today from their legacy counterparts. These new solutions may offer cable-free light module hardware for greater ease in system installation, expansion, re-slotting and maintenance. They may also feature progressive software tools for better management of light-directed picking operations and improved visibility into the productivity of their pick process.

Lightning Pick Technologies ( will introduce, Build to Light, its first Light-directed Error-Proofing System.  Lightning Pick Technologies’ Build to Light system reduces errors within critical procedures such as parts picking, kitting, assembly and sequencing among others. Lights mounted on workstations, bin shelving or other material storage media direct operators to the correct parts, quantities and sequences to execute their task with greater accuracy than paper-based methods.

In 1998 Lightning Pick introduced bus-based, cable free light module design to the United States. The technology simplified system installation, re-configuration and maintenance and opened up a wider spectrum of flexible application possibilities. Our deep catalog offers many hardware colors, sizes and optional features to provide the perfect hardware for your process requirements. These include light models specifically designed for easy mounting on flat or curved material storage media surfaces.

All Lightning Pick hardware runs on an integrated network that has been tested and proven by recognized leaders in material handling excellence. With over 500,000 live light devices installed, Lightning Pick is the number one provider of light-directed systems in North America.

Over the years ‘Pick-to-Light’ has become the generic industry term encompassing all light-directed order selection and sortation systems, differentiating the overall approach from paper-based picking, RF picking, voice-directed picking and other methods. Even users of Put-to-Light for direct-to-consumer fulfillment or retail store replenishment operations (sometimes called Pack-to-Light) often recognize themselves as ultimately being part of the Pick-to-Light universe. The emerging term ‘Build to Light’ distinguishes light-directed systems used specifically to enhance production related processes from Pick to Light solutions developed to meet warehousing and fulfillment challenges.

About Lightning Pick For over 25 years and across 500 installations worldwide, Lightning Pick Technologies has delivered advanced order picking technologies on time, on budget, every time. Lightning Pick has best-in-class applications for Pick to Light, Put to Light, Pack to Light (Put to Store) Voice and RF systems support lean supply chain processes from manufacturing through order fulfillment. As a result, Lightning Pick clients improve their level of service, achieve superior order quality, and advance their positions in the market.  Build-to-Light is an important cost-effective advancement.

Lightning Pick Technologies

Joe Pelej



Professional Marketing Firm for the Manufacturing Community.  Manufacturing Journalist or Contributing Journalist for many manufacturing magazines and journals.  Founder of the Media Consortium and media blitz.

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