Lingerie: 5 Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You Organize

When you first open that organized drawer stuffed with lingerie, it can be a very daunting seeing everything lying around unorganized. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to spend hours organizing all of our bras, panties, straps and whatever else we wear under our clothing. With this short guide, we’ll help you organize your lingerie with a few very simple and non-time consuming steps. It’s time to straighten out those tangled bras and balled up underwear. Let’s get started!

#1: Throw Away The Unnecessary

Has it been a few years since you’ve worn that push-up bra? Throw it away! Don’t leave a ton of unused items in your drawer when you know you’re not going to wear it ever again. Take your drawer and dump it out on the floor or the bed. Why? Well, because you spruce up that drawer, you need to do a little cleaning. If your skirt blew up with the wind, would you be wearing something that you wouldn’t want people to see? If so, throw it away. If the piece of lingerie is ripped, stained or will never come back into style, decide to get rid of it. Once you weed out the undesirables, you can begin to organize your drawer with ease.

#2: Invest In A Lingerie Chest

If your beautiful undergarments are balled up in a drawer in your dresser, because it’s just not big enough, look for an affordable lingerie chest to organize them as recommended by Wedgwood Interiors. These are vital to those who have a collection of lingerie. They are big, small, sort, tall, mirrored, detailed and even as plain as something could get. Using two of them as nightstands on each side of the bed is very simple and cheap. If you have both a lot of jewelry and lingerie, check out some of the armoires that hold both. A two-for-one is a great way to save money. Find your lingerie chest at this website.

#3: Properly Fold Your Underwear

Most of us just throw our underwear in the drawer and call it a day, right? There’s a very easy way you can organize them without it looking like a mouse has been rummaging through your drawer and using them as a nest. For underwear, take one side and fold it in, take the other side and fold it in, then fold the bottom in, and poof! Simply folded underwear that isn’t overflowing out of your drawer.

#4: Grab Some Organizer Baskets

These are nifty little boxes that go right inside of your drawer. Each one has different slots for your underwear, bras, teddies and other undergarments. You can buy them from almost any retail store, but if you want to do it yourself, you can use your small cardboard boxes with hand-crafted dividers. These are the simpler version of a lingerie chest, but they aren’t as pretty to look at.

#5: Hang Them Up!

If you aren’t ashamed of your bras or larger lingerie garments, hang them up in the closet. This keeps them out of the drawers where they can get squashed and mangled. It also frees up more space for the latest Victoria’s Secret line that may have dropped or those 7/$25 panties that you just need to have.


Organizing your lingerie isn’t as hard as you thought it was, is it? All it takes is a few minutes of your time, the willpower to throw some of your older stuff away and possibly some cardboard. If you want to go all out, a lingerie chest will make a big difference. Your lingerie is an essential part of your everyday ensemble, so make it easily accessible so that you can pair it quickly with your blouse or dress.

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