Louis Vuitton can never disappoint by going out of style, a fact you can verify by looking at the number of Louis Vuitton exclusive stores it is opening shortly in far off places like New Delhi this year and in Mumbai later this year. The company is also contemplating to collaborate with Comme Des Garcons, negotiations are in final stage, to open an transient showroom in Tokyo around the same time. Well, but what about the styles and new line of products? Louis Vuitton had recently unveiled its new Blason series to journalists early this year. And will also be the first amongst luxury brands to offer an iPhone cover to the world.

This is really coming of age for a company that was born in the early 19th century in an Anchay mill in the Franche-Comté of Eastern France. In its formative years, Louis Vuitton was renowned for its luggage and trunks retail business and for many many years to come, it was how Louis Vuitton was known as – a trunk maker.

It was in 1854 when Louis Vuitton was just about developing as a top source for extraordinary handbags, trunks and accessories and see for yourself, that fashion wasn’t element at this time. By 1890s, LV was famous for items such as leather or canvas covered traditional trunks, watertight trunks, trunk-beds, hold-alls, handbags, picnic cases, soft travel bags and much more. Close to a century later from then on, Louis Vuitton has carved out a new series of fashionable handbags, “The Epi Line”, heralding its arrival on the fashion scene in a big way, the handbags were exciting with mesmerizing colors.

Highly regarded around the world and recognized for innovative fashion, Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest targets of counterfeiters amongst contemporary luxury brands. As such, LV can be always seen defending its brand equity in a court case or otherwise. It has recently won a successful court battle against Google for its unfair advertising and competitive practices that included the breach of trademark laws. In another case, LV finally got a court ruling against Britney Spears for using their logo illegally in a video of hers. A tip would be completely relevant here; replica coach handbags aren’t regarded as counterfeits for all practical purposes because of their practical marketing approach.

Speaking of handbags, those from the Louis Vuitton stable are amongst the highly contoured pasta brand you will ever get, albeit with a sky high price tag. You may consider replica coach handbags for their equally high elegance and suitability for a gift.

The company is sure to continue its legacy of product-oriented portfolio, while endeavoring to build upon it. And in all likelihood, LV is also sure to continue its ad campaigns in the glossy fashion magazines like it is now. People at the helm of affairs aren’t ready to disclose how much Louis Vuitton was expending on advertising campaigns; or even how much Mikhail Gorbachev and other top world leaders it featured were paid. At least, you know the $ 600 you pay for a new iPhone wasn’t only for the company to keep for itself, but goes to charitable works initiated by the featured leaders too.

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